Cannibal Republic of Kansas

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Posted November 01 2016 - 13:26
Man,This is what i come back to...I'm kind've disappointed, I'll have to do something about this next round...
Posted November 01 2016 - 16:34
Dear Mr.Luceus

Thank you for your reasonable response.We appreciate that.Sadly,this is currently a official form of aggression.The USEF Office Heads will look into how to handle this situation.We will contact you when the officials decide how to handle this current situation.

-United States Emergency Forces Official Office
Posted November 01 2016 - 19:49
Lol how you guys going handle the canniabl
Posted November 01 2016 - 21:20
Simple: If you are not an enemy to them, they are ot an enemy to you. So to deal with them, just be on friendly terms.
Posted November 01 2016 - 21:35
Dear State of Kansas

We at USEF have decided to hinder any and all Kansas Operations.USEF Headquarters now Sees the Cannibal Republic of Kansas as an Official Nation of Northern America.Any an all hostile Operations to the Cannibal Republic of Kansas are Illegal .We wish for a peaceful,and prosperous Alliance Between the Cannibal Republic of Kansas and the United Remnant States.
Posted November 02 2016 - 00:10
Lol roleplaying at it best
Posted November 02 2016 - 01:12
(Thanks my dude,I try my best to Make USEF Very believable. Unironic Dab )
Posted November 02 2016 - 09:46
Your roleplay is far from believable and always will be like that if you not start to read game guide, learn how to level up, build economy, deal with winter and raids, how not waste forces and resources and such basics. Roleplay means nothing and can't make any impact on game if roleplayers are more like forum trolls than decent players.
Posted November 04 2016 - 10:42
Long live the Cannibal Republic of Kansas!

Posted November 04 2016 - 14:24
Preach! Preach!
Posted November 05 2016 - 01:08
Posted November 18 2016 - 11:01
Posted November 27 2016 - 19:55

Round is over, massacre well done. Thanks all for fun!
Cannibals clan was maked only for one round just to crush all opponents and hold map as long as is possible. We achieved our goals so it is time to say good bye. Cannibal Republic of Kansas is officially disbanded. I hope our savage activity inspired some of you to creating your own well organized clans focused on warfare and you will dominate K3 in future or at least you die trying.
Cya in next rounds. :)


Good game, friends!

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