Why is the round being delayed?

Posted October 02 2016 - 14:55
Does anyone know why the round is being delayed? It was October 1st, then October 2nd... And I think it was delayed agin until 8 tonight
Posted October 02 2016 - 14:59
nothing is delayed, usually start of round looks like that.
Posted October 02 2016 - 17:08
Wow, really? I'm not looking for something to start so don't even contact me anymore if your going to do that-

I'm over this drama sh*t, I'm just here to play a video game.
Posted October 02 2016 - 18:21
The delay is intended to give all players a fair head-start.

We donot expect every player to be fluent in game mechanics...let alone play properly. This'll give older players an unfair advantage, since the purpose of the game is to be a medium of entertainment, not frustration.

This delay is provided so that new players get enough time to understand how the game works.

This game is constantly evolving, with new content/changes almost every round. So, this also helps older players as well.

Most of the features, like protection, late start bonus, or this; everything is done because of the previous experiences of unfair practices in other games. As you may have noticed, we don't have the "VIP"/"Premium content" system of money extortion. We intend to give a fair sporting chance to everyone.

If it looks like there's nothing to do when the round hasn't started, then we can't help it. We can only recommend in using the time in doing whatever's possible, and making a strategic plan for the future game.

At the time of writing this message, there are only a few hours left for the rounds to start. Once it does, there is 2 months of uninterrupted play lying ahead(provided everything works as intended)
Posted October 02 2016 - 18:26

the use of the word "retarded" has been socially frowned on for some considerable time. perhaps find some better insult as yours is frankly abusive.

Posted October 02 2016 - 21:53
Thanks Moderator for the insights, as that answered a couple of questions I have. Also, I strongly agree with Jeminer. Frost you have been posting bs about multiple different things like people "stealing" your clan name and other random stuff. You have been using swears and terms incorrectly and therefore offending people, in this case those who are actually mentally retarded. (It is an actual condition, but the word has been grafted into a severe insult. If you could stop this behavior in the future it would be greatly appreciated.