American Alliance (AA)

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Posted October 17 2016 - 07:58
The UKSR is part of the Axic Powers with the SSR and The Nube Army. So on behalf of the Axic Powers I propose a alliance between all our clans.
Posted October 17 2016 - 21:01
I think an alliance could be useful, especially in a possible conflict with others.
Posted October 25 2016 - 18:32
America Alliance Public Announcement

- A Heightened status of DEFCON has been deployed by the Leader of the American Alliance, to Protect its members.
Posted October 26 2016 - 17:49
American Alliance Public Announcement

The Current DEFCON level has been increased to 4.

We advise all allied states and members to prepare their militaries for a possible conflict. There has been an increase in attacks around Kansas lately.
Posted October 27 2016 - 15:20
American Alliance Public Announcement

The DEFCON Level has been upgraded to DEFCON 5. War has been declared upon us by the Cannabis Clan. These attacks were unwarranted and the whole of Kansas will notice these attacks.
Posted October 29 2016 - 21:42
Cannibas i thought they was cannibal
Posted October 29 2016 - 21:56
I want to join!
Posted October 30 2016 - 06:11
Who are you Ingame?
Posted October 30 2016 - 20:14
town Rosewood : Mayor Aria
Posted October 31 2016 - 02:13
I'm guessing I can't join??
Posted October 31 2016 - 14:26
I wasn't able to respond at that time, I will look at your town and talk with clan mates to see about you joining. Thanks for showing interesting in join the American Alliance!
Posted November 03 2016 - 15:37
Myself and my other member have decided to leave this lost cause of a Round, we may return next, if so, Probably to Kansas 2 unless The Uninvited are in K3. The American Alliance has therefor been dissolved, and would like if Ronald (or other Admin) could delete this Forum. Thank You.

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