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Posted October 23 2016 - 04:42
Just try talking to him, he is not that bad of a guy. I don't care how experienced someone is, to become OP takes hard work and dedication. This is my first round in K3, and well it's kinda of a fucked experience.
Posted October 23 2016 - 10:42
I see in this thread some signs of noobish butthurt and lack of understanding how this game works.
Your posts gave me impression that I'm overpowered prick who entered to K1 to slaughter novice guys what would be really shameful and worth making some thread against such attitude. But common guys, we are in K3. If you enter to area dedicated for most experienced / skilled / brave / crazy / overpowered / bloodsucking (or whatever how call players here) guys you need try to compete, adapt or at least use your time to learn something what can be useful in next round instead enter to forum and cry that someone ruin your game experience.
Posted October 23 2016 - 13:21
Lecues idk what your name is in the game. I made a mistake going to K2 because I thought I should go here and get used to the game again. But what would you suggest for tsking him down?
Posted October 23 2016 - 13:49
I'm the Mohawk.
But if you asking how beat tough guy I can say that depends. If you are weak novice without clan you can only make forum thread and cry. If you are experienced (and you are member of decent clan) I'm sure you know what you should do and no need to ask about on forum.
You play now in K2 in clan with Stannis (pablo_escobar). This guy was "overpowered" few rounds ago in K3 and now is powerful again but in K2. So you should know how it is play in strong team with strong leader and how to beat such team. And for sure you know that if you play in strong clan people will always cry, throw shit on you and such... It is why you should stop care about this thread.

btw. In K2 is same situation like in K3 now. One clan with "overpowered" members (mostly guys known from K3) is on top, control acres and gov facilities. And no one even care, no one cry on forum. Any novice guy not complain that experienced guys arrived to K2 and ruin his game. It lead me to thinking that really almost all decent guys moved to K2 and in K3 we have some bunch of complainers only.
Posted October 23 2016 - 14:28
Ok, Mohawk/Luceus, I'm not saying you're some OP prick. I'm frankly getting bored of sitting around and doing nothing but talk and roleplay. Also, I never said anything about you and K1. I just said I skipped going to K1 and went straight to K3. You actually did the right thing early, so don't misunderstand this thread for some hate cry against you or something. I just want to have some fun and try to win, maybe also have a bit of war while I'm at it.

In rebellion,

Posted October 23 2016 - 14:35
Also I just saw bounties on my head. Looks like someone doesn't like what I'm doing.
Posted October 23 2016 - 14:49

I used to play against Stannis(pablo_escobar) I am one of the co-creators of The Univited. My last round that I had played before this one. I went up against Stannis and his clan with about 6 guys vs. his 10. We actually climbed up the rankings taking out some of his members but eventually him and his clan made a final push taking us out. Was a good game. If you want to beat a big guy and his clan then you have to start off with the lower guys. Then move up the rankings, but while keeping the same pace. I will be in K3 next round. Hopefully be able to make some pretty nice friends!
Posted October 23 2016 - 15:05
When I mentioned about prick in k1 I gave you just example how in my opinion I'm described here and what I think about being the target of this thread. As long as I remember K3 is filled by tough players and their offensive gameplay, so really, making discuss about it is a bit for fuck, confusing and against the idea of K3 area. It means that you entered to wrong game.
If you are new you should use your time to learn how fast leveling, how efficient build army, improve economy, make some friendships and other things like that what can be helpful in future if you plan to play in next rounds.
About bounty, I not maked it, for me cheaper and more interesting is just raid you.
/edit. already raided, million (!) food and a lot of other resources looted. well, you should know that hamstering resources and calling for war on forum and chat in same time is not best combination.

So have fun in K2 and see ya in K3. I hope I will be active in next round. :)
Posted October 23 2016 - 15:09

Haha I'm having too much fun i'm afraid. I just went from position 10 to position 4 in one night. Haha I hope you will be active too!
Posted October 23 2016 - 20:32
Ok Mohawk, shut up. Before you blew up all of my bunkers, massacre defeated me TWICE, poisoned my population, stole all my resources, and put THREE bounties on my head I didn't think you were a jerk prick, I thought you were a nice guy who I wanted to play a fun game with. Turns out, you're the worst jerk I've ever met in this entire game, INCLUDING Frost027.Everyone in K3, this is the real Mohawk. Even now, there's more bounties out on my head that got put up. Before it was fun and games, now it's WAR. ALso Luceues/Mohawk, don't even bother commenting on this saying more of your lies and denials. It's just a bunch of BS.

At War,

Posted October 23 2016 - 20:36
Oh, right now it seems vehicles are going missing everywhere, I wonder who it is? Join the fight against Mohawk everybody.

Stuck on the side of the road without a ride,

Posted October 23 2016 - 20:42
@Icebolt that is the reality of this game. This game is all about war and fighting. If you are new to the game even if this is your 2nd round you need to go to K1 or K2. This game is all about experience and strategy. The only way you can improve is to play in a round more fit for you. At one point someone pissed me off in the game. Since my troops were needed somewhere else I put bounties on him and blew up his town/killed patrols. I am assuming that you are older than 8 years old but you are sure acting like you are 8. Calm down, get focused, and always make your first priority leveling up to level 36. Then do you bullshit Icebolt vs the world scenarios against the top person in the round.
Posted October 23 2016 - 20:49
I'm not doing me v world or anything, I'm going to war with ONE PERSON. That person, whoever they are, isn't the whole world. I also don't like bullies. I do anything that is near against Mohawk, and he attacks me, or steals my vehicles, or puts bounties on my head A 2ND TIME, or attacks me again. I used to like him, then I mentioned the idea of having some fun in a war and he goes berserk on me. I'm back to square one, with no army, barely any resources, nearly all of my farms are gone, and winter is about to be here. Sorry if I'm a little pissed off.

Not having fun anymore,


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