The thorns in the side of Pure Kansas.

Posted October 28 2016 - 04:33
We know our worst two threats,Mohawk,Blitskrieg,ect.But we can handle all of them.With our own Little Trick.Our own WMD.The thorn of all rulers side,Rebellion.Luceus,i expect you to put your 1 cent in.The king of the north does enjoy waiting....
Posted October 28 2016 - 04:39
Not everything has to be turned to violence.
Posted October 28 2016 - 05:02
What Options do we have Brother?They could easily work with us.No,they want to see us plead for mercy,they want us to beg,But we must not.They have become cold,hollow,Caskets of themselves.We must put them down like a dog we loved for decades.They are cold,they are heartless.We must put them down,we must let them die.So they may relieve a thousand times the pain they went through,and then inflicted on us.Peace is not option.This is not a war either.This is the will of the lord,this is Mercy.
Posted October 31 2016 - 03:44
or you know you could always go plan your attacks soewhere else
Posted October 31 2016 - 14:26
A dog you loved for decades? You had the longest living dog at like 20 something years old? Dude thats amazing usually dogs live no more than 10. Oh and put spaces after the commas.