United States Emergency Forces (USEF)

Posted October 29 2016 - 21:16
Dear all Americans,Kansas is the last strong-hold safe for Patriots!Join us,and hold the last line of America.

UKSR:Unofficial War
Cannibal Republic of Kansas:Recognized Nation.No Current Problems
Frostwolf:Unheard of.
American Alliance:Fallen Nation,May they rest in peace.
KSSR:No Current Problem.
SSR:No Current Problem
The Spectators Paradise:Denied Annexation,Under watchlist
The Illuminers:Attemtping Annexation,Waiting for Response.

War Against Virus 2039-Present
Unofficial War Against UKSR 20XX-Present
Posted October 30 2016 - 06:43
Let me guess, you will soon go to war with the cannibals? Be my quest, seems like everyone is.
Posted October 31 2016 - 02:18
I would love to see you die within this Kansas.
Posted October 31 2016 - 03:47
Like how you die
Posted October 31 2016 - 22:35
Dear Disheartened Americans

We will not go against the cannibals,The United States,has not,and will not make cannibalism illegal.Murder on the other hand is,so is amputation without the consent of the amputee.
-United States Emergency Forces™ Official Office
Posted November 03 2016 - 04:18
American Alliance Public Announcement

The American Alliance (AA) is here for anyone that wants to join a Clan in which Self Protection is prioritized. We here in the American Alliance also like the "Favoritism" from the United States Emergency Forces (USEF) :) .

- From American Alliance, - Leader Blackwell. - Thanks for Reading.
Posted November 05 2016 - 03:39
Telling you the things you didn't know you cared about,before it was cool.

An Army's worst nightmare!

By Alenxdra Bullington
Imagine,your a common Agent for New Trenton,your walking along the metal Catwalks of Lansing Correctional Facility,better known as New Trenton.Your Doing your daily shift,Talking with your buddy,thinking of everyone that died In New Jersey,Missing your Cheese steaks,if your from the south,or a Classic Sub,if your from the North,Thinking of all the great times you and your best friends had,and then you hear a Massive Rocket hit the wall under your feet,you feel the Walls tumbling out from under you,well that's what Agent Stephen Wesborrow felt when the Attack from Mohawk hit.Mr Wesborrow has to say this,"I've been with the Agents Committee for two years,i get benefits,free healthcare and a dental plan,but if i knew that a declaration of war would sweep the floor i was walking on from under from me,i would have rather been a homeless man during the the Winter of the 600s.The fact those cannibal bastards couldn't handle it like civilized people,just shows how far they've gone.and the fact that that the people that are employing us are just letting us die out there,shows how worthless we are to them,we lost more than 50 agents in that attack alone,were down to what,9,10?and we're all shaken,it's not fun being in New Trenton anymore,i'm worrying about my families safety,and that cunt Brian P is sitting in his office,who the hell does he think he is?"Who does he think he is,a question not many dare to ask,due to the fear of disappearing randomly,lets hope that you,or me,or anyone in town,doesn't end up gone because they said something bad about our Government.Good luck folks,and i hope you sleep safe tonight,knowing the government is out there,waiting to snatch you up because you didn't do your part in making our country,the place they think is best for us.