Attacking repeatedly.

Posted November 04 2016 - 19:37
This has been a problem for a lot of players. They have been attacked by the same player/players over and it is ruining the experience of the game. What should be done is that players stop attacking over and over and they should add and attack cool down time for that city so they can not get attacked again that day.If you agree please say so, so that this can be added into the game.
Posted November 04 2016 - 19:47
There is a protection system for a reason.
Posted November 04 2016 - 22:02
... i dont thiink thats how war works, and there is no protection system in k3
Posted November 04 2016 - 22:05
good idea, such cooldown should be added to k1
Posted November 04 2016 - 22:10
Then don't go to K3 if you can't handle it. Stop complaining and deal with the choice you made to go to K3. You chose K3 and so either quit or deal with it.
Posted November 04 2016 - 23:42
As for K1 that sounds reasonable
Posted November 05 2016 - 06:51
Too many protections in place already.Also a 40% bonus for troops defending towns added this round. If you can't protect your town under the current rules then really you must be doing something wrong. Maybe better to play in k1 or k2 until you figure out how things work.

Good luck.