Zikskar,the newest in Russian Drugs,and how USEF will Handle it.

Posted November 08 2016 - 06:14
By Boyle Schimidtend

Zikskar,the drug Hurting all USEF Annexed Locations,I's a Russian Drug,Made by Vladim Bobrok of Whitebridge,it's a Irradiated version of Marijuana,It turned the Mouth a Bright Neon Green,and kills the junky who uses it in 2 days.So,the United States Emergency Forces have decided to Hit it's source,Whitebridge,specifically the home of Vladim Bobrok.USEF Represenative Kyle Dicksmart released this statement on behalf of the USEF Board of Directors "We will kill anyone who stands in our way in saving our people,a drug that kills innocent people with a drug problem,must be purged." Why was the Board so Vague?Maybe they have other plans with Whitebridge,we will see.
Posted November 08 2016 - 16:18
I need some too.
Posted November 08 2016 - 19:34
I need a hit.
Posted November 09 2016 - 01:14
Dear Druggy Readers

Whitebridge was entirely destroyed two weeks ago,your not getting any Zikskar,unless you get them from Acre 99,where there is a Den of the Shit.
Posted November 09 2016 - 01:21
Thanks for the info, I need to get my hands on that stuff.