Trump Wins 2016 Presidential Election!

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Posted May 12 2020 - 10:46
and didnt it work out great? pandemics, depression level unemployment, kooks going to starbucks with guns, laughingstock of the world. what a sh*tshow. It's become the real life "Idiocracy".
Posted May 12 2020 - 12:46
1) Pandemic was caused by china, and exacerbated by poor reporting and conduct by WHO. In addition, the Wuhan lab which has been tied to this pandemic was funded partially by former President Barack Obama - so if you do want to blame this on a single person, you would have to blame Obama, not Trump.

2) The depression level unemployment is due to the lockdown policies (of which a vast majority of democratic politicians continue to support, and keep in effect while a vast majority of republicans have been very uncomfortable with and have been trying to go towards reopening as quickly and safely as possible) - of which trump has outlined a phased reopening plan (which is actually fairly decent, if you've ever given it a read). Most countries are or did face drastic rises in unemployment, so this is not singular to Trump.

In addition to that, while we could have done the Sweden strategy to preserve our economy, No one was willing to even consider that an option and it faced harsh scrutiny worldwide despite the fact that the strategy seems to be working overall. (herd immunity for most viruses is around 60 to 80%, but due to some findings on covid, it's thought that it may be as low as 40% to reach herd immunity as children do not seem to spread the virus as previously thought)

3) As far as I'm aware, no shooting ever occurred from open carry visits to Starbucks. And more importantly and relevant to the current situation at hand, due to releasing inmates and a $0 bail law that recently passed in California, it is more necessary than ever to own a firearm even if you aren't openly carrying (which I believe is prohibited in California, with exceptions to towns under 200k population which allow the Sheriff or Chief of Police to hand out permits giving permission to open carry).

The $0 bail for anyone who isn't aware, allows criminals who have been arrested to be released without bail - this effectively means that a criminal is arrested, then immediately released. Because of this, many officers in California are simply Not making arrests. This means that the best way to keep yourself and your family safe, is to own a firearm - a criminal isn't going to go away because you ask them nicely, and the police aren't going to help when your/their politicians keep them from doing so, so you need to be able to protect yourself.

As for the general release of inmates, New York and California (among some other places) have instituted policies where they've released prisoners in an attempt to lower the risk of Covid inside prisons. In New York, some of the crimes that people are being released for include inmates which were arrested for Domestic Abuse and Sexual Assault. For California, "Non-Violent" crimes consist of: Assault with a deadly weapon, Rape of an Unconscious person, Hate crime causing physical injury, Human trafficking involving sex act with minors, corporal injury to a child, and drive by shooting to give a few examples.

4)I'd rather live in a "Laughingstock" of a country, than any other country in the world - at least here in the US, I wont get arrested for singing songs that someone might find offensive:
Posted May 12 2020 - 17:47
I'm an American as well but to say Trump is clean in this is a bridge too far. It's not all his fault, but as POTUS the bucks stops with him-his attempts to pass blame at every opportunity are far from endearing. Some humility would serve him well.
You cannot re-open "quickly AND safely" at this point. A vaccine (for those not too scared to take it) will be available soon and remesvidir is being distributed nationwide so hopefully we're getting close to the end of this.
As far as Obama, to attempt to tie him to this is laughable.
I see you're an admin, I hope our differing politics doesn't set us at odds, game wise. Have a great day. :)

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