Vats of Green

Posted November 29 2016 - 03:06
In a recon misson waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy before the outbreak,two (probably U.S) soldiers were in a distant hostile country (probably China or Iraq) mapping out a small region of the country.The soldiers acidentally found a experimental lab and walked inside.Inside the lab the soldiers found dead scientist and large vats of green shit.The soldiers had no idea the vats of green shit was in the air, they were inhaling tons of the green shit.When they came home they got extremely sick and the virus began to spread and the first national quarantine was ordered.The people called this virus The New Plaque, no one knows the symptoms of the virus because it spread so fast and the infected died in just a few hours.The entire nation was infected, and nearby countries such as Mexico and Canada built walls to keep out the infected.Soon the President became infected,we didnt know who the president was back then because it was a long time ago. The nation was now in total anarchy and to stop the virus,which had mutated and had millions of people infected,other nations dropped weak atom bombs on cities that was the breeding grounds for the virus.The radiation and fallout destroyed the virus and killed millions of people.210 years later,the land of Kansas was resettled and was full of people.The virus had stopped but raiders,radiation and hostile towns was an immediate threat to
Posted November 29 2016 - 03:12
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raiders,hostile towns and radiaton proved to be an immediate threat to the settlers but the settlers adapted to the harsh enviroment and climate.They soon built towns and cities just like ours and built their own alliances and armies and quickly attacked other towns and cities.These settlers were probably our ancestors or forefathers.Well that was one long story hope you enjoyed it
Posted November 29 2016 - 03:34
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