Round open for signup!

Posted November 30 2016 - 21:44
Hi Everyone,

We have just opened 3 area's ready for signup again!

Until Friday 2 December you will have time to create your town and perform your first moves, on December 2 at 20:00 GMT +1:00 the round will start ticking again!

Changes we have made for the new round:

- Stealth bonus research fixed
- Home town defense bonus decreased from 40% to 10%
- Defensive structures defense bonus changed
- Bunker to 80
- Checkpost to 40
- Sentry to 30
- Instant travel has been changed, only locations directly connected to your acre, town or locations can your troops fast travel.
- Towns below 4000 points will now always be under protection rules.
- Travel time has been overall slighty increased.
- Changed tech: Strategist, now 25% less travel time instead of 50%

Outbreak crew