Intercept Attacking Force

Posted August 25 2015 - 20:00
How about a Intercept Attacking Force button.
Similar to ambush convoy button, but this allows you to send an opposing force out to stop the attack.
It lets you to put what ever force out on the road to oppose them, using what ever you have at your disposal. Maybe with slightly higher Op energy requirements, because of the rush to get organised! Or maybe an extra day on travel time is added!
Therefore if you see an attack coming you are able to stop it in its tracks!
And it shouldn't just be against attacks that are coming to your town or acres.
Any force can be attacked that is out in the open moving to attack anyone!
I think this would be a brilliant edition to the game.
It would make people think carefully about what they put on the road.
And player would be able to help other players out, by stopping any incoming attacks!
And there are no added percentages, just a straight one on one street fight!
What do you guys think?
Posted August 25 2015 - 20:17
i think its a great idea,might be complicated but it would be nice
Posted August 25 2015 - 20:23
:) Or a 10 on one street fight hahahaha
Posted August 25 2015 - 20:42
I agree that would be an awesome addition, I've been thinking about something similar before. There are a couple of things that needs some brainstorming; what happens after a bloody roadbattle? Say I send units to attack your town - you spot my attack convoy and decide to intercept > road battle happens. Does my convoy continue or retreat? Could be based on casualties. If my army loses xx% units, it retreats, if not it continues, and it's up to me to be in time to maybe recall the convoy. Might be more complicated when more towns decide to intercept an attack unit.

Thanks, I always love to read ideas from players! I will put it on the list to discuss with the team and see what we can do with this.
Posted August 25 2015 - 21:19
I think if it is defeated it retreats. If not it continues to the destination.
But a notification must be sent to the player something along the lines of
"Your force was attacked on the road, do you still want to continue with your attack or recall to town"
Attack .... Recall
And obviously it should tell you how many casualties you have taken and more importantly what you still have left in the attack force
Posted August 25 2015 - 21:32
This entire thought was based on the fact that ambushing convoy doesn't really do much damage, and more importantly that many players are not online when their towns are attacked. So it would be nice to be able to defend your friends towns!
This could become a problem though, as obviously it becomes very complicated to attack anything. If bigger towns are watching it actually may become a nightmare to attack anything... Therefore slowing the game down. So in some ways it isnt a good idea.
But to add here, another variation on the idea could just be some way of sending reinforcements to a friends town or acre? Maybe the force could only stay in a place for 6 rounds or it just really takes a lot of food to keep it in the defending town/acre?
Posted August 25 2015 - 21:48
Yes, that is one of my fears too, might become a nightmare to attack anyone, since big towns will intercept alot. Sending troops to defend a friends town or acre gives the same issue, big towns can just help defend till the point it is useless to try and attack a 'reinforced by friends town'. A max of 6 rounds to stay and defend there sounds like an idea, but only works if you restrict it to max 1 town can help to defend you for a couple of turns and make it not able to get help for an x amount of turns after. If not, town A sends troops to defend from turn 1 to 6, while town B sends them from turn 6 to 12, etc.

It's hard to find a good working solution on this. I think there should be some better, more cooperate ways to defend a town. I've seen, and I've been, a town who gets blasted to nothing because a large group of players/clan decide to attack your town all in the same week. I don't like restrictions on how much you can be attacked in a x amount of time, but as you can attack with a group, there should be a better way to defend by help of other towns.
Posted August 25 2015 - 22:39
Now there is the all important issue! If towns can gang up on one town, as they are able to do right now, it is only fair to allow defense of a town from multiple towns! This thread has now become a very important debate on numerous levels.