Players Can Own More Than 6 Acres In The Normal Area

Posted January 05 2017 - 16:41

In the Normal area the amount of acres each town can own is limited to 6 according to the Outbreak Guide. A scan of the map shows 1 player with 16 acres and another with 10. Are the Expert area rules in effect for the normal area?
Posted January 05 2017 - 18:15
You are able to transfer acres to your clan members. So in effect one person could have them all.
Though I think Ronald, said it was a bug? I could be mistaken. But that is how it works at the time being.

Maybe Ronald, might change it. But I don't mind it to much how it is now. Though it could make it harder for those in smaller clans, maybe.
Posted January 05 2017 - 22:28
I like that you can get given over 6 acres, it is just one for advantage of being in clan. In addition a player can't capture more than six acres so if one get's captured he/she can't get it back that easily.
Posted January 07 2017 - 13:12
ok so what the rule is you can't capture any more than 4 but you can transfer within your clan hence why people have 16, 10 acres
Posted January 07 2017 - 14:20
6 acres limit should be strict and without backdoors or totally removed or at least properly explained.
- The amount of acres each town can own is limited to 6. Now this info is a bit confusing.
Posted January 07 2017 - 17:23
Well it is not up for us to decide what happens. I personally like the fact that you can have more than six but it seems others don't.
Posted January 07 2017 - 18:27
I'm also for no limits and it is why I enjoy more k3 than k2, but this topic is not about my (or your) preferences but about unclear rules in k2.