Attackers misnamed

Posted January 20 2017 - 00:06
I got mad at this one player for routinely stealing from me and then asking for an alliance. He's saying he's never stolen from me. But at the same time the system is saying that he's still stealing from me and is now chucking missiles at me and poisoning my people. THEN, I get a message from another player who was or is my ally, not sure. He's pissed at me for attacking his government location. I have never attacked a government location! This needs to be fixed. I saw nothing in game about framing other players, so this seems to be a bug.
Posted January 24 2017 - 05:23
If I had a screencap I'd give it to you. I never touched a government outpost from RimWorld, but the system told him that I did. I dunno what to tell you.
Posted January 24 2017 - 22:30
Any attacks on a Government location is recorded in the News at the Fairground.
Go to Fairground, click on History and search (CTRL F) for the Government location in question.