Outbreaks need a Big updates

Posted January 28 2017 - 00:59
I feel like this games is getting bland and unbalanced down the road it have been on.. I think the game been going for 3 years or more it a good accomplishments but the game had fells off... I think a major update would give it a new feels
Posted January 28 2017 - 03:06

Just a couple of suggestions. Cut defensive values for troops and heros to encourage more defensive buildings.Adjust the building modifier a bit to compensate. Return to previous travel times for troop convoys. Faster game play brings more immediate gratification and rewards online activity.

Posted January 28 2017 - 04:09
I have no idea what kind of donations the devs get but I'm sure it's nothing compared to the amount of time that they put into this. I've only played through two rounds so far but feel like it is a great game and is what you make it. Sure I have opinions on things that could make it better but I just want to say thank you to the devs for their time spent providing an enjoyable environment that creates some pretty unique interaction!
Posted January 28 2017 - 12:11
Would be nice to see some content upgrade and new things in game like random worldmap events, more active Government (retaking gov facilities), maybe some new facilities/locations to raid/take, some changes in economy (bigger role of population (no more 0 pop towns) or even some new resource (water?) needed to maintain town.
For sure I would like to see less combat and travel changes cos no idea why change something what works very well in past. Nerfed travel and buffed defence makes this game more static and bugged.
Probably for new guys this game is great as it is, round of two is not enough to get boring, but for big bunch of guys who play this game year or more (and still want play it) some noticable changes would be appreciated just to keep us active and interested.
Posted January 30 2017 - 20:44
I wish we had something bigger in store for everyone but there will be no big update this round. I’m still the only programmer maintaining the game, which already consumes much time, lets stand thinking of new content and coding it. I had some busy months and i doesn't seem like it will have lots of free time in the near future to really focus on new content.

Also my inspiration at this moment is a bit low, so if anyone has great ideas about improving this game please share them with everyone to discuss.
When we have a good idea ready it is much easier for me to directly start coding.

February will be a busy month again but I hope that in March i will have more time to create really new content instead of tweaking current code.

Also financially we are not making very much income from the game, but that has never been our goal. We wish to create and maintain a fun game without any pay to win content (which i personally think ruins most games...).

Thank you all very much for your support this far and I hope many of you will stay around and enjoy the game for a much longer time!
Posted January 30 2017 - 21:59
How about specialized squads a small group of any type of unit that like a convoy can travel across the map, but can be placed and stay in any location. This way they can quickly retake acers, Ambush convoys or scout for attacks or other squads. And mambey you could train the units to be a light weight team. Increased move speed but less attack and defense points. Or an overwatch team that can Ambush convoys from a far but not so good at a direct assault. Just an idea
Posted January 30 2017 - 22:26
Darkwolf01, you are describing a mix between a common biker and aggressive operations. For further ideas about new ideas, troops, functions, ect, please use the already made forum post for exactly this concept. http://www.the-outbreak.com/forum/read_topic.php?id=364