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Posted February 28 2017 - 03:54
This forum went to crud fast. Can we use it to inform about Nexus Coalition or what?
Posted February 28 2017 - 04:19
I tried keeping it on topic however spartanwarrior people do not take this seriously
Posted February 28 2017 - 04:32
No, no they don't.
Posted February 28 2017 - 04:44
Thank you nude_cybot
Posted March 01 2017 - 03:00
We regret to inform that 2 towns want a war with the nexus_coalition and they are not willing to make peace. Therefore the war will start once I announce it here stay put until further instructions those interested in attacking outside of nexus_coalition will be supported and appreciated thank you for your patience
Posted March 01 2017 - 20:45
We did not want this war
Posted March 01 2017 - 20:46
this i agree with i didnt want this war either but the cannibalist will have it no other way we tried peace but they are decided on war
Posted March 01 2017 - 21:46
I received this message from one of your clan's subordinates before any 'declaration of war' occurred,

As a ally I ask you to please help us, war is upon us. If you can please help by assaulting members of the cannibal republic, as well as target specifically Mohawk and Vulsung (They are the greatest threats). If you can not do that please send supplies to help with the war effort.

From the town of Scotland, Mayor TheMan

So as it would appear, yes you asked for war and yes you wanted it. Or at least some of you did.
Posted March 01 2017 - 23:10
Well the war has not yet started and he did do that but forgot there was still discussions going on
Posted March 02 2017 - 00:23
So in other words, pulling the trigger to early. Surely in this case you would expect some counter fire?
Posted March 02 2017 - 02:44
He has yet to do something
Posted March 02 2017 - 02:47
It is to my greatest regret that I now proclaim this war started as in of now target all in the cannibals republic unless I direct otherwise due to alliances. It is my regret to write this message for I do not like war and we have lots of alliances. ATTACKS MAY COMMENCE AS IN OF NOW.
Posted March 05 2017 - 05:21
Mohawk and Vulsung.or whatever, are they top priority?

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