Posted February 21 2017 - 04:10
im not getting the right amount of wood and stone production can someone fix this ASAP
Posted February 21 2017 - 05:44
Let me give you some very simple quick tips:

Build more farms and hunting cabins for more food.
Build more stone quarries for more stone.
Build more woodcutters for more wood.
Build more houses, apartments, flats, to house more people to get more taxes.
Build more casinos for more population and cash.
Build more windmills and biomass for more energy.
Build more refineries for more fuels.
Build more bunkers for more defense against attack.
Build more check posts for more defense against special operations.
Build more trenches for more defense against mortars and missiles.
Build more sentries for more defense against surprise attacks.

If there is any question to were your resources are going just go to the inventory tab for a complete list of resource incomes and deductions. I have never seen any glitches or heard of anyone who's raw good buildings not producing the correct amount of resources.

For more in detail hints, tips, and explanations then try reading the guide.
Posted February 21 2017 - 13:59
I'm only making 7200 per tick when i should be making 11320 per tick
Posted February 21 2017 - 14:19
are you accounting for everything..?
Posted February 21 2017 - 16:30
never mind its working now
Posted February 21 2017 - 16:59
... Wooowwww, just Woww

Posted February 21 2017 - 17:50
He can math