Player Aleppo Hacking or Exploiting Bug in K2

Posted March 22 2017 - 17:45
Player Aleppo is hacking the game or exploiting a bug that has enabled him to jump up in the rankings. Players went from less than 100K points to 200K within the last 5 days. Just today, the player went from 200K to over 570K points within a couple ticks by week 1151. An infiltration report shows 25K cars with only 4 garages in the players town.
Posted March 22 2017 - 18:03
Don't worry that f*cker isn't telling us how he's doing it.
Posted March 22 2017 - 19:59
Thank you for reporting us this issue, you will see his town go down in points next tick.

We are investigating the issue and will update the game with a fix as soon as possible.
Posted March 22 2017 - 20:06

The player did share with us what was causing this issue and it has been fixed immediatly.

Update has just been put online.

Special thanks to the player for being fair and share this with us.

Posted March 22 2017 - 23:22
Knew something was off with a point jump that big. Well whatever it was, glad it got fixed. Thanks!
Posted March 23 2017 - 02:15
I haven't tested since the bug fix but the same exploit is/was accessible with the bikes as well... Will test as soon as able.