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Posted July 13 2017 - 23:30
I want to warn that I'm not English-speaking and I translate my message through Google translator. Some phrases may be incomprehensible, and some words in the English language can not but have analogues.

I'll probably start with the fact that I'm Geim the Designer. Not very lucky.
I used to spend a lot of time developing games, but now I will introduce the current circumstances, I can only draw ideas from different sources.

I want to praise the developer of this game. 80% of what I see in the game is a piece of the puzzle with a lot of games in which I played. I used to see one or two good decisions in every single game, and here most of these decisions are put together.

I got acquainted with the game, I'm holding the deuce of the best players of the K1 server. Today I decided to get acquainted with the game better, read the forum materials and I have several practical suggestions for the game. Each proposal is justified to the smallest detail.

I'll start with the troops.
In the game, in my opinion, there are not enough types of troops, but the available troops fulfill and meet 90% of the necessary tasks, tactics and strategies.
I suggest covering the remaining 10% in this way:
Posted July 13 2017 - 23:31
Militia - this is how I understand an ordinary civilian who took over a pistol or a shotgun and entered the service. Ie, as a matter of fact, he simply does not have training.
At the current time, as such, he has no application, it is not an advantageous fighting unit if compared with special forces. Saving resources on content? Note that this meager economy is of no interest to anyone, they are cannon fodder, under the firing of mortars the crowd of these units turns into mincemeat, and the remainders are achieved by the main force of the enemy.

Another negative factor for hiring, it consumes one inhabitant. According to my calculations, a strong saving of resources on the content dissolves in the air when compared with the cost of food consumed by them, wages and lost money because now he is a fighter and not a taxpayer.

How to fix it:
Imagine that Militia is an ordinary resident of the city, who is ready to begin defending the city for a fee. For the most part it works like all city dwellers and is considered as such, pays taxes (less), receives food (more), takes precedence in providing firewood in winter.
Ie 250 money + 150 meals, less taxes, more food and wood in winter.

When a player takes this type of troops in an escort, they stop paying taxes and work.
If there are policemen in the city, Militia does not patrol the surroundings of the city.
If, in addition to them, there are no other troops capable of patrolling the city, they patrol. At the same time, they stop paying taxes and work, as they are busy - they have no sources of income other than the salary from the player.
Posted July 13 2017 - 23:34
Polizemene - someone suggested a good idea about the riots, this is a good use for them. Here I will offer clarifying edits, as in my opinion it should look like this:
Firstly, if no one defends the law, there are always those who are ready to break it. I mean I propose to bring banditry into the game.
My common sense tells me that at least one policeman is needed for every 50 residents to maintain law and order by 90%.
Ie 36,500 people live in my city, so I should have 608-876 polizezen (730 on average).
This excludes regular alerts about robberies, gang warfare, etc. Among the population and raises the standard of living of the population.

Secondly Polizemene is the law, when in the city begin the disorder, they usually try to calm the rebels or protesters.
Let's first divide the discontent of the population into four categories:
Discontent, Meeting, Riot and Coup.

Discontent is an open testimony of the city's measure, that part of the population is unhappy with his actions. It does not lead to anything, just a player thus can find out that they are not happy.
At this point, it is enough to have a minimum number of Polizezen (about 600 people per 36500 inhabitants)

Rally - posters, chants and much more, which not only shows the discontent of the population with its measure, but also pits the rest.
During the rally, additional riots are created, Polietzen is busy maintaining order at the rally and therefore bandits are easier to equip. If you have an average Polizezen number (about 720 people per 36500 inhabitants) then they are able to maintain order.
In these disorders, the killed happen very little, as there are not very many of them. Because in the end, not a lot of traumatized residents are obtained and very few Polizezen deaths.

The riot is a mixture of regular riots with peaceful rallies. At this point, there is a need for the maximum number of Polietzens to protect the city from banditry and even more stock to cover losses among them each turn.

A coup is the fighting of the city's residents against you. Defeat leads to the destruction of some buildings that are not of great importance to the population.
Residents can not deliberately burn farms if they rebel because of a lack of food. But almost anything else that does not affect their well-being can suffer.

Forgot to mention. Of course, the riot excludes the ability of the police to support the law in the city, during the coup to protect the city from apartment thieves, etc. Impossible or very difficult.
Posted July 13 2017 - 23:45
The player pre-selects the actions that his police are performing in either or in the other case. For example, a player can behave peacefully towards a riot in order not to aggravate the situation, while rallies and coup oppress radically.

Additionally, the player chooses priorities, for example, the security of the population or the protection of resources from theft and much of that sort.

The defeat in a coup for some time deprives you of the opportunity to manage the city - you can not install the taxes, change the daily rations, etc., taxes become minimal, the delivery of food and firewood at a normal level or slightly higher.
This will continue until your reputation in front of the population is rehabilitated exactly like the government in relation to you after the attack on government facilities.

Somehow this is how policemen get value and necessity, I think eventually players will have about 350 policemen for every 10,000 residents at high taxes or 160-200 police officers with low taxes and good nutrition.
Posted July 13 2017 - 23:53
They can have 2 points of attack and 1-2 points of defense. Compared to Militia and Polietzen, they do not perform any work in everyday life except for attack and defense - they do not patrol the city, they do not help anything during rallies, riots and coups.

But they can be used during a riot and a coup in relation to other people's cities, they are under the guidance of agents are being introduced into the crowd and exacerbating the situation leading up to a collision.
The effect is higher with a radical attitude of the player to the elimination of problems. If he is as peaceful as possible to the population, this will lead to a minimal collision and the main battle will be between bandits, agents and policemen.
Posted July 14 2017 - 00:06
Regarding transport - I propose to divide into five types:

Freight transport has a higher ability to transport resources.

SUVs save 25% of the time in winter, but spend 50% more fuel. I will specify if in the summer the journey takes 2 weeks and in winter 4 - the SUV will save one week's journey.

The bus allows you to transport more troops.

Universal - universal, right now.

Combat. It's not a secret that if a layer of armor is added from the scrap metal for the car, then the machine itself can become a shelter from the enemy's fire.
Fuel consumption for the road + 25%
In return, the player receives an additional 3-5 points of attack and defense in combat.

Combat transport does not imply the presence of a machine gun on it, if this idea is embodied, then the attack and protection of transport should reach 6-8 points, as a soldier. Only about 75% more expensive
Posted July 14 2017 - 00:15
About the work for the state. I calculated that to work for the government, for example, to attack bandits is financially not profitable, not profitable in terms of reputation and even the experience gained.

I propose to pay 50% more reputation, this will not make this event a profitable occupation - but at least it will cease to be unprofitable, since at the moment it is extremely unprofitable.

On top of this, I suggest adding 10% probability of getting poison (1-3), carbob, rocket, C4 or transport.

From special operations to the game map - why are the bandits only on the acres? I propose to add them in the form of camps and campsites that periodically appear on the map.
A victory over them brings a reputation if you do not fight the government. Additional resources, like when robbing players. Unimportant troops from such groups and acres will scatter and join in random proportions to other groups of bandits.

And I suggest that they attack cities that do not defend their city from attacks.
Posted July 14 2017 - 00:24
Now my idea about the community buildings. I suggest adding an infirmary and a hospital.
These two buildings will treat people, during epidemics they will reduce the mortality rate to 20% / 30%, respectively. One infirmary can serve up to 300 residents, while a hospital can accommodate up to 2,000 residents.

In addition, they will reduce the losses of troops participating in the defense of the city. But here two nuances - are subject to treatment up to 10% of the "dead", the treatment does not imply that it will survive. Second - in the infirmary and the hospital, in addition to troops, civilians also fall, so for maximum effectiveness of these institutions, hospitals and hospitals must be designed for the entire population and the army of defense combined.

Of course, between the case of Lazareth and the Hospital, a small influx of people (reduce mortality) and an increase in the mood of the population may increase negligently.
Posted July 14 2017 - 00:27
Casino - negatively affects the mood of the population, namely reduces bonuses from reduced taxes, security, good nutrition and so on. The casino does not bring a fine to the mood, ie if nothing raises the mood and the casino in the city is measured - the mood is normal.
If the casino is many, and hospitals are few, then the casinos interrupt the mood from hospitals. If the casino is small and mood-raising buildings are many - the corresponding mood is increased, but with a slight decrease at the expense of the casino.
Posted July 14 2017 - 00:40
Such as how to increase / decrease taxes, increase / decrease rations I will not say anything.
Concerning the special operations - if the residents have nothing to complain about, all the special operations will be flawed, and it will not be possible to create a mess with the residents.
But you can use bandits in conjunction with agents. It's the same as you use agents and policemen in special operations for the state.

I also propose to add a building for the production of goods. The income from alliances has a justification in the trade, but no one produces any goods.
You can add a resource "Products" and its production.
The purchase at the fairground will be about 35% of the proceeds from the sale through the alliance. No products - the income from the alliance is reduced by 2 times.

You can also add a building "Black Market", which will bring income from any clandestine sales, not through the fairgrounds. Speech I would say rather about the goods of the black market ... purchases are being made - the black market brings profit to the owners. No purchases - profits only thanks to groups of bandits on the map, as long as they exist the black market carries a profit.
Naturally, it turns out that over time, profit decreases, as players capture acres and kill groups of bandits.

It seems I'm already starting to carry delusions, not my good ideas. Hmm, I stayed behind the computer and confuse the bad ideas with the good and all that comes to the head randomly. I think it's time for me to sleep.
Posted July 14 2017 - 10:00
Okay, the goods are probably not the best idea.

Among all the suggestions I recommend to think about hospital, hospital, civilian troops and disorder.
Although everyone except for Lazareth and the Hospital you have been thinking for a long time.
Posted July 14 2017 - 19:55
snowBear thank you very much for all your idea's and loving our game, much appreciated.

Im going to read them very closely for next round (had a quick read so far, but will have a good read this weekend).

If any other players have any additions to it please post them here :)

Im currently working on the update for next round, perhaps i could get some other idea's in aswell.
Posted July 15 2017 - 05:08
My suggestion is for some kind of bonus for winning when someone attacks your town. Currently there is no bonus for successful defense except that u lose less troops than you may of. But you still likely lose a lot of troops and a lot of buildings. There is little risk for an attacker. Replacing troops is easy. Just an idea 😀😀

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