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Posted July 15 2017 - 05:08
My suggestion is for some kind of bonus for winning when someone attacks your town. Currently there is no bonus for successful defense except that u lose less troops than you may of. But you still likely lose a lot of troops and a lot of buildings. There is little risk for an attacker. Replacing troops is easy. Just an idea 😀😀
Posted July 18 2017 - 03:18
Five cents... more like fifty dollars worth! lol That probably won't translate well but i'll make the joke anyway.

First of all and as an aside, I do not have a background in game development or whatever you want to call it, I just play games and I happen to like this one quite a bit. Despite periods of rage I've experienced at times for various reasons which led me to have childish tantrums... I'd just like to apologize for that.... People work hard on this game and I do actually appreciate this silly little game (and the community of people who play it for most part) so thank you for making it!


I'd suggest adding some points (to add to my town score) for those new structures like the barracks, police stations, vaults and storage areas. If they add to my overbuild modifier I'd like to have that reflected in my town ranking. I like to think that is a simple request from my perspective but maybe not so much for people (person??) who crunch the numbers behind the scenes so to speak....

What about winter tires for cars to reduce travel times in winter?? Could be something to research.....I'm not sure how balanced that would make the game, but.... it's just a suggestion and typically my suggestions are.... um... not good.

I like mattunited's suggestion about successfully defending your town from an attack. Maybe add that in to the awards section, "best t own defense" or something like that so if someone is thinking about attacking that town, they may think twice about it..... and maybe that defending town could feel special... and maybe it can give those achievement seekers reason to build up their defenses....

In any case, I'd like to feel good about spending my hard earned resources on defensive structures and see that my investments were well spent. Yes there is the various degrees of victory/defeat and there have been changes to mortar destruction.... but even still, I spend a lot of my time playing this game, building my town up from nothing and to see it destroyed in a blink of an eye....when I feel I've made necessary builds to minimize damage to my town.... and my town is still wrecked it's quite upsetting. I don't know how that can be modified...perhaps that's just part of a game like this.... whatever the case is, increasing defensive structure scores can make it impossible to make a good attack on a town too... which I also like to do sometimes when it's warranted.... So I don't know if I'm explaining myself well or not. but the way I see it is , when you're the attacker you want to SEE the damage you want to plan a GOOD attack not just an attack because you CAN.... when you're the defender you want to see how you managed to minimize the damage caused and perhaps how you slaughtered your attackers army. (I speak for myself I don't really know if everybody feels this way or not). So I don't know how that can be corrected or if it can at all but it's my two cents on that topic....

I guess that's all I have to say now..

P.s. I skimmed over snowbears suggestions... some seemed quite interesting but I'll have to read it over again before I can make mediocre commentary about it....
Posted July 26 2017 - 20:30
adding something like a czech hedgehog would be nice and its not a animal for any of u who are confused

adds a few points to ur defense and slows down the enemies attack on ur town which gives u more time to kill them

could have a research thing for it to add barbed wire to slow troop movement more

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