Round open for signup!

Posted July 31 2017 - 22:41
Hi Everyone,

We have just opened 3 area's ready for signup again!

Until wednesday August 2 you will have time to create your town and perform your first moves, on August 2 at 20:00 GMT +1:00 the round will start ticking again!

The changes for this round:

- Vault, Storage, Barracks and Policestatin added to point system.
- Awards code has been rewritten, also see the guide for the new guideliness
- Population from captured villages now generate tax income (population * 1.2). Tax bonusses apply as normal.
- Can now use the 'Poison population' operation against Village Acre's.
- Trenches now protect 'specialized' troops better then 'civil' troops and trenches will be destroyed more difficult.
- On the Attack page we now record the amount of battles lost and won.
- Minor bug fixing.

Guide changes:
- Resources page updated and numbers are now shown correctly.
- Rewards page changes with new nominee award terms.
- Hunting cabins, Trenches, Roadblocks, Houses and Windmills now count as 0.5 towards your building modifier.
- Trenches explained more clearly now.

Details to the changes will follow shortly in the guide.

Outbreak crew.
Posted August 01 2017 - 05:43
Hey I had a question about the attack and defense counter. There's also a third one for raider camps. Are those the unclamed Acer's or something else
Posted August 01 2017 - 09:05
Battles won and lost include all battle of towns, acre's and government locations. The 3th counter 'Raider camps destroyed' is for a new feature we are going to introduce.

On the map bandit camps will appear, raiding trading and transport convoys. Bandit camps can be attacked and destroyed by players and will randomly popup again.

Im currently working hard on the new feature and wish to introduce it at the start of this round when its stable enough.
Posted August 01 2017 - 14:46
Oh cool can't watch t to see that. Keep up the great work
Posted August 02 2017 - 06:51
i am new to the game and would like to know how energy works and how you can get it back.
Posted August 02 2017 - 09:07
Tonight at 20:00 GMT +1:00 the round will start ticking. Each hour you will receive new energy.