Round starts and raiders camps!

Posted August 02 2017 - 20:12
Hi everyone,

The round has started ticking again and with this we are introducing a new feature: Raiders camps.

After turn 100 raiders camps will start to appear randomly on the map. Raiders will start attacking transport convoys, transporting good from your locations to your towns, and trading convoys. The more raiders become active, the amount of attacks will increase. If there are raiders active inside your sectors there will be even more raider activity there.

Destroy them and you will a cash reward and government reputation, depending on the difficulty level of the raiders camp. The higher the difficult of a camp the harder they will be defeated in battle.

I will update the guide soon to give even more detailed information about this new feature.

Posted August 03 2017 - 01:34
Will they always take that long to pop up or is this just special to this round
Posted August 03 2017 - 08:39
Darkwolf01: We are still going to tweak the feature, so perhaps next round the camps will be around from the start.

And yes if all works well this will be a permanent feature :)
Posted August 04 2017 - 04:37
No I was just wondering if it tick 100 would the magic number in Wich raiders would start to spawn. Sorry if I said it funny
Posted August 23 2017 - 07:49
Great feedback snowBear, thank you for that. The new raiders feature still needs some work but im pretty happy about the working so far.

Some of your are already on my list to implent so i think you will surely see some of them implented.

Any other players have any additional comments towards the feedback of snowBear? Would be happy to hear them with some support figures :)
Posted August 25 2017 - 14:17
Wouldn't the government get involved ,by this I mean would they attack each till the government was taken over by a clan at least