Round starts and raiders camps!

Posted August 02 2017 - 20:12
Hi everyone,

The round has started ticking again and with this we are introducing a new feature: Raiders camps.

After turn 100 raiders camps will start to appear randomly on the map. Raiders will start attacking transport convoys, transporting good from your locations to your towns, and trading convoys. The more raiders become active, the amount of attacks will increase. If there are raiders active inside your sectors there will be even more raider activity there.

Destroy them and you will a cash reward and government reputation, depending on the difficulty level of the raiders camp. The higher the difficult of a camp the harder they will be defeated in battle.

I will update the guide soon to give even more detailed information about this new feature.

Posted August 03 2017 - 01:34
Will they always take that long to pop up or is this just special to this round
Posted August 03 2017 - 08:30
Of course it will be now forever!
How can this be a one-time action? A good idea, many suggested. Maximum they can change over time or fix bugs if they are.
Posted August 03 2017 - 08:39
Darkwolf01: We are still going to tweak the feature, so perhaps next round the camps will be around from the start.

And yes if all works well this will be a permanent feature :)
Posted August 04 2017 - 04:37
No I was just wondering if it tick 100 would the magic number in Wich raiders would start to spawn. Sorry if I said it funny
Posted August 22 2017 - 23:11
I do not see any benefit or interest in killing raider teams. Maybe I just did not notice it.

I want to ask a few things about this, and offer a few ideas.
1. In the battle report in the battle with the raiders, please add that the player received. I did not see whether I got any resources or reputation.
2. Is the government interested in eliminating raider groups? If yes - add bounties for their destruction. Reputation makes sense only if the raider destroyer did not capture government objects on the map.
3. The raiders also have agents. Before the attack, they will be involved. 1-3 attempts to scout, depending on the strength of attack or the level of attacking Raiders. 1-3 ambushes on the patrol, 0-2 attempts to undermine the bunker.
With successful reconnaissance, the raiders compare the chances of winning. If they do not have enough forces - postpone the attack on later, for a few weeks or months.
4. Raiders are far from legitimate groupings. It is obvious that they are using the services of smugglers. And this means that they clearly have poison, missiles, C4 or blasting machines.
Depending on the level of the group of raiders, a different number of these things should fall out.
5. The reconnaissance of the Raiders' camp shows how many troops are in their camp and what defensive structures. And where is the report on the resources, if they can have them.
Moreover, they must be mandatory, even in the smallest quantity.
6. I think there should be a new special operation, applied in relation to the raiders. Bribe. Energy spill 125, if successful, a small portion of the Raiders' troops for cash rewards goes under your head.
The chance of success is slightly higher than the ambush for the patrol, in addition requires money. Such hiring is cheaper, while the army of the camp is decreasing.
But the catch is that in case of failure, raiders can not simply refuse, but also kill the agent and take the money for themselves.
When the camp is destroyed, most of this money will be among trophies, a small part will disappear.

Against the players this can also be cranked, but the mechanics are a little different and the chances are lower. After all, the robbers, who do not care whom to kill and how to get money and food. And these are hired people, for whom measures, a whole society, respect, a home can be said.
I think it's better to make this operation possible only against raiders, maximum against groups of bandits.

7. Now for the protection of acres you need reliable fortifications and entire armies for defense - but will they pay for the rents, the maintenance of troops and the losses in the composition for raids of raiders.
I think it's necessary to increase the minimum and maximum number of fields in acres, at least 60, at a maximum somewhere 5%.
It's not an idea, a little observation, a little work on the calculator and a conclusion.
8. Gold mines are very expensive, and bring less benefits than the ordinary stone quarry. And all this is aggravated by the fact that the acres of the gold digger have fewer fields than others.
Increase revenues from gold mines three times. I peresityval, it will correspond to the smallest acre of any other resource.
My personal opinion is that even a threefold increase is not enough, it is worth doing five times. Instead, the number of fields can not be increased, neither minimal nor maximum.
9. A separate item is the request to heed item 8.
10. A separate item is a request to listen to my personal opinion in paragraph 8.
11. Having spent more than 2 months in the game, I'm more and more convinced that the cost of black market goods is too low. On account of each variety of smuggling confidently difficult to argue, but it seems that the cost of C4 should be 1.5 times higher than now. This is about $ 4000 per unit, well at least 3600, but not 2750 at all.
This is due to the damage caused in special operations with its use.
If you really, really value the energy of special operations, then the price is still low, even if the energy is valuable as gold, the normal price of C4 is 3000-3400.
12. I hope that in the near future the government will also learn how to attack the captured government objects on the map.
13. The government asks for help from players only on the plot, which develops throughout the 40 missions.
I think it's worth adding requests for help from the government. In winter, problems with the wood after very severe colds, and products.
In the summer with a stone and fuel. With an epidemic of locusts - with food too.
14. Add a summer cataclysm-a forest fire that results in the loss of a piece of wood.
15. Groups of refugees are everywhere and always. This is proved even by peaceful special operations "Find refugees".
But the game does not provide that they can not only settle in the cities of players but also create their own, and at a difficult moment ask for help. No, the cities do not need to block the map, but requests for help from refugees or an exchange offer will be very welcome.
16. In my opinion, I can earn something on the maintenance of residents only thanks to the bonuses of increasing taxes. Residential buildings pay off very slowly.
I figured the resident consumes 1.3 units of food per week.
The average cost of food in the game is kept at 1-1.1 $ per unit.
Without bonuses to taxes residents bring almost $ 2 per week.
2 $ - 1,3 * 1,1 = 0,31 $ of income per hour.

An ordinary wooden house costs 300 trees, 100 meals and 250 money.
The average price of a tree is $ 1.5. 300 * 1,5 + 100 * 1,1 + 250 = 810 $.
There are 10 people living in the house, $ 81 per person.
81 $ / 0,31 $ = 261 weeks of game that they have paid back cost of habitation.

With the increase in the capacity of housing, its price also increases.
I almost forgot, in winter the population burns wood. I do not remember how much they consume the tree exactly, but in my opinion it's 0.33 per inhabitant.
1.5 / 3 = 0.5. A resident in winter brings losses, about $ 0.19.

I compare it with the hunting cabin.
400 trees, 50 meals, 250 money. 400 * 1.5 + 50 * 1.1 + 250 = 905
Produces 25 meals a week. 25 * 1.1 = 27.5
905 / 27.5 = 32.9.
To pay for the Hunter's Booth, she must work 33 weeks.

According to my calculations, a small increase in taxes will not bring the desired effect, and a large one will attract everyone to be traders of jesse and merchants.
An increase in the base income of taxes by 12.5-17.5% will make the content of the population more profitable. More precisely, it will cease to be unprofitable or on the verge of unprofitable, depending on the situation and the season of the year.
At the same time, the production of resources will bring more benefits than the population as before.

Still it is possible to increase taxes accordingly to changes in prices in the market.
5% of the cost of consumed food and 5% of the cost of the spent forest will make the population a new industry for making a profit, and not a bunch of freeloaders that do not bring any benefit.
The payback of buildings will remain long.

17. I want to remind you. All my conclusions are the result of mathematics and analytics, and not the fruit of my fantasies.
Posted August 23 2017 - 07:49
Great feedback snowBear, thank you for that. The new raiders feature still needs some work but im pretty happy about the working so far.

Some of your are already on my list to implent so i think you will surely see some of them implented.

Any other players have any additional comments towards the feedback of snowBear? Would be happy to hear them with some support figures :)
Posted August 25 2017 - 14:17
Wouldn't the government get involved ,by this I mean would they attack each till the government was taken over by a clan at least