Oh, this abomination

Posted November 05 2017 - 00:43
I understand you have a special inclination to be a mean, unprincipled rat in all senses of the word. Such filth as you did not see me.
Therefore, I congratulate you on the most unholy victory that I've only seen, I hope you are proud that you can win only by a blow in the back of your own ...

I do not understand logic, that's the problem! You invited me to your clan!
It's you who set me up to fight with the Ogres!
This is what you provoked me, for example, to take acres from Cannibals, to perform special operations against them and much much more.

You conceived this war, you created a united force against cannibals.
So what the hell kind of fuck did you disband the clan, crossed over to the enemy and hit your brothers in arms from the other side of the front?

Respected Novgorod but in combination MemeDadi.
This is the case when the human rot is so disappointing that after such an idea of ​​meeting in a game with such a rubbish kills any interest in the game.
It's one thing when a person deliberately joined your ranks to spy, this is not a villainy - it's tactics and strategy.
Another thing is when an ally is crushed by defeats or a pumping threat, a bad team goes into other ranks explaining the situation and apologizing for their act.
The third thing that I once participated in when the player goes to the enemies simply to equalize the chance of winning, adrenaline, raising interest in the war, the so-called "Fresh Blood" instead of "Flocks of vultures around the dying."

But such impudent behavior. In general, if you want to win - be a direct enemy of this person, his cunning forms a spy in your ranks and the lack of morality will lead to him entering your ranks and destroying your enemies.

I was pleased to play with such players as: North_Korea, Stannis_Baratheon, Hemlock and Inferno.
I do not know what their name really is, but it does not matter. These are worthy allies / rivals deserving respect both in victory and in defeats.

Now from the preface to the case. Yes, I'm not here just for public insult to an abominable person.

As you all know and see the game is going through a difficult time in its own way. By itself, the genre of the game, the way of playing and the gameplay in combination with the slow development does not guarantee, or rather guarantees, not popularity.
According to my observations, each round has no more than 15 players, of which usually no more than 5 people are actually actively playing the game every day.
There are many shortcomings and things that are needed but they should not have been hinted at before further implementation.

The only thing that makes the game continue is war. Pointless, at the level of a degenerate war but with the possibility of really strategic thinking and tactfully correct decisions.
The war has too many flaws with which the player is forced to put up almost immediately. For example, the bunker gives 130 points of protection and gives the city player 28 points to overcome it you need 18.57 bikers with a total value of 130 rating points.
Remember the limitation of 2/3 points the advantages of one side of the limit for possible aggression against each other !? If your city is idle with 20,000 points, then the attacker needs to be no more than 30,000 points, but you do not have any troops or buildings to resist.
100 bunkers will lead you to the position of 22,800 points, so that their enemies can be added to them to add 13,000 points in the form of troops, which is 43,000, with an acceptable maximum of 34,200 points.

And when you are ready to put everything on the line, you disappear from the face of the earth under the yoke of such a betrayal, the complete destruction of the city's infrastructure and the disappearance of all the reserves that allow you to exist.
Yes, you, damn it, you can build 100 bunkers as an officer by the clark and forget what war is in principle, but instead build a defense that the enemy can overcome so that it would be interesting for you to risk withdrawing your army from the city.

Sorry for such an expression - the game is absolutely not interesting, starting from the first week of the game and ending with the third round, all these six months you can play only thanks to the desire to compete and evaluate your opponents as worthy and interesting rivals.

And this is how I usually never express myself, this phrase I use for the first time exclusively in this "Article". This game has lost one of the few players able to increase interest in the game by its presence.

About good games, I like to express myself like this: In games, I do not invest money in principle, but if I had a little extra money, this game would necessarily become an object of donation and donations.
So, Flash is similar to a game that can replenish the list of a few such games, so to say "With taste and style."

But I want to sum up the unseen result of this monologue. Each player who has suffered a vile defeat in this game will lose to the game any interest, and therefore every round thanks to each player "Without morality" from the game will leave at least one player who has fallen in love with this game before.
If you had 350 * active players, the loss of 3-5 players every quarter would not have meant anything, but you have a hell of a hundred players, among which there are actually two dozen really interesting rivals.

Now personally to the administrator. I think you understood everything that I meant when addressing personally to you, but besides what you understand I want to add.
All that you did in this game has a great potential with proper use, unfortunately the potential and enthusiasm did not help you competently develop and balance the game.

Since I'm no longer going to be fooled around in the same battlefield and leaving the game ahead of schedule, I have full free time to improve, improve and again improve your game.
You can trust me with anything, I'm a very good economist, my hobby is creating a game balance at the expense of improvised tools and what can be changed or adjusted.

I can help you in creating almost any program. Even a sufficiently developed, reasonable and adequate Artificial Intelligence for cities "Bots", government and Raid camps, I can overpower.
You can write me a personal message if you are interested or you want something to discuss, but I think you are so busy that unfortunately you can not even spend time accepting help for you, although I believe in the contrary.

What's really a pity is that I will not play this game any more, maybe just watch its development and participate in it.