Game Idea - Capital City

Posted November 06 2017 - 16:03
The mother of all things to capture, The Capital City

This spawns near dead center of the map, and is of course owned by the government. The sector it's in is surrounded by a good amount of acres so whoever owns it would probably capture those.

Of course, it'd be extremely well defended, around 7,000 Soldiers and 4,500 Mortars, and 9,000 Militia and Police.

Here's the deal, capturing the Capital City will actually MOVE your town, your town will now be THE Capital City itself, and here are the benefits-

-No other towns spawn in the same sector as the city

-You get an automatic 200% Defense Bonus

-You get a massive economic boost, with an additional $40,000 each tick, and also 40% income boost on everything.

-All acres also get an 25% boost

-Since your town would be the most civilized and popular, you will receive recruits ever tick including of, 10 Soldiers, 20 Police, and 10 Agents.

Posted January 19 2018 - 16:30
seems legit though there should be a guild bonus too. Im thinking basically a watered down version of the bonuses
Posted January 19 2018 - 19:56
So whoever get the capital 'wins' the game?

Other players cannot attack them and they can build huge armies to attck everyone else untilk the accelerate out of points range. Seems almost like a disincentive to capturing it. Unless your idea of fun is logging on to buy more