Unit Ideas

Posted November 06 2017 - 21:28
Here are just some basic ideas I came up with for units to add a little more variety to the game

*Howitzer Artillery - Costs $9500, 5000 Food - Stats - 0/5

Requires an entire vehicle to tow it. Takes part in artillery barrages just like mortars, but are more destructive. However, they have much longer range and can fire on incoming enemy convoys that are 1 tick away only once (If the convoy is spotted)

*Armored APC - Cost 2000$, 1000 Food - Stats - 3/3

An alternative transport vehicle, expect these vehicles can protect your troops from being killed by mortars. And, unlike basic vehicles, they have 12 spaces for troops and have a weapon on them that can contribute to attack. During the incoming mortar fire, if an APC is destroyed and hit by a mortar it will has a 50% chance to save 8 troops inside the APC and another 50% chance to save all 12. (They also cost 150% more fuel)

*MLR (Multiple Launch Rocket System) - Cost $20,000, 10,000 Food - Stats - 0/0

It's simple, although this one is just an idea- This vehicle will fire 10 of your missiles in your inventory at the attacking army or when you're attacking an enemy position. These vehicles lay way back in the battlefield, so they can ONLY be destroyed by Mortar Fire, or if your entire army has been destroyed (Very unlikely) However, they can be easily destroyed if they are defending and being attacked

Posted December 04 2017 - 15:28
A building and a unit could be a anti-missile battery, so a defensive building and a mobile version. The mobile version could have a less percentage to block missiles than the building version.
Posted January 22 2018 - 18:43
nah some of this stuff is military grade units and i doubt any one would have access to them. Though an APC type thing would be cool like just maybe a armored car that sacrifices space for extra protection against mortars