Unit Upkeep

Posted November 10 2017 - 20:09
Thought I'd make a post about this since food upkeep isn't it isn't in the guide at the moment, nor did I see a forum post about it yet.

Below is what I've found for each unit so far, and as far as I know special units (i.e. Marines) consume the same amount of food per tick as their normal counterparts (i.e. Soldiers).

Now contains far more than food upkeep, hurrah for excessive information! Here's the additions to the guide over time:
-Wood Upkeep
-Trade Income

Unit - Food Upkeep

When stationed in town, units will consume the following:

*Militia - 2

Police - 8

Agent - 8

Biker - 8

Soldier - 8

Mortar - 16


When stationed at properties, Units will consume 2 additional food, for a total of 10. Mortars will consume 4 additional food, for a total of 20.

If field rations tech is chosen, units at properties will consume 10% less food than normal, for a total of 9 for standard units, and 18 for mortars.

And when in an attack convoy units will consume 4 additional food, for a total of 12, with mortars consuming an additional 8 food for a total of 24.

**Food Rations - Civilian Food Upkeep

Low Rations ~ 1.2

Normal Rations ~ 1.8

High Rations ~ 2.4

Unit - Firewood Upkeep

When stationed in town, units will consume the following:

***Population - 0.33

Militia - 0.66

Police - 0.66

Agent - 0.66

Biker - 0.66

Soldier - 0.66

Mortar - 1.33


When stationed on properties or traveling, all units have a firewood upkeep of 1 wood/tick. Mortar teams have a firewood upkeep of 2.


While not technically upkeep, these are some interesting things I feel are still worth mentioning here as they are in a similar vein as upkeep.


The workforce penalty is increased by 1% for every 1% workforce missing from your town, up to a max of 60%. So if you have a workforce requirement of 100, and you have a population of 70, then you will have a workforce penalty of 30%.

You can calculate it with the following formula: 1 - (workforce/population)

In our example, this would look like this: 1 - (70/100) = .3 or 30% penalty

Trade Income

Trade income is calculated from your tax income, and is affected by every single change that affects it such as hero bonuses, research, tech, and tax policy.

You can calculate the amount of cash other players earn from having an alliance in your town with the following formula:

Tax income x .02 = Trade Income

So if you have 10k population housed, and no tax bonuses you will have a tax income of 18,000 which when multiplied by .02 results in other players receiving 360 cash from being in an alliance with you.

Villages do not provide towards this income, only tax from your town affects it.

Each checkpost built lowers your total overall trade income by 10 cash for each one built.


For every 10 extra/missing police from the neutral value, you will receive either a +1 or -1 to your security until reaching either the max bonus or penalty.

So if you have 2500 population, it would require 100 police to maintain neutral (0) security as stated by the guide, 60 police will net you a -4 penalty, and 140 will grant you a +4 bonus.

Here's the actual formula for determining security, courtesy of Ron, the above is still accurate but only works for police - if you've got militia in the mix, then this will be needed to calculate that:

((((police * 25) + (militia * 3)) - pop) / 250)

Here's what it would look like using the example:

((((140 * 25) + (0 * 3)) - 2500) / 250) = 4

Numbers greater than 4, or less than -4, are treated the same as the max penalty/bonus. So while it is possible to calculate a higher/lower bonus than possible, you will never see that in-game due to the cap.


*Militia will consume 4 food when stationed at properties or when in a convoy; with the exception of with the field rations tech, in which they will consume 3.6 food when stationed on property.

**Civilians from Villages consume the same as civilians from your town, in addition militia and police may appear to have a different upkeep than they actually do when training them due to the loss of population at the time of training.

***Civilians in Villages do not have a firewood upkeep during winter, only those inside of your town have an upkeep.

I will try to update this if I find that anything changes in future rounds such as new units, upkeep is changed or if I'm presented with new information on the subject, but it may take some time. Please feel free to add anything that you feel may be relevant, or correct me if something is off.

Also, since Cash upkeep is already located in the guide, here's a link to that page if you need it: https://www.the-outbreak.com/guide/units.php

[Edit] This post was last updated/edited on 5/26/2021; the Outbreak forums don't seem to show timestamps/dates for edits unless I'm blind so adding this to give people an idea of how up to date this post is.
Posted December 31 2019 - 07:17
Just getting back on the game after an extended hiatus, can anyone confirm if these values are still correct or if I need to update them?
Posted December 31 2019 - 13:48

So the numbers are still the same except for militia, the will consume 2 food when stationed at your town and otherwise 4 food.

So when on the move or at a location.

Hope this will help you :)
Posted December 31 2019 - 13:52
Thanks Ron! I'll be sure to edit the initial post to include that information.
Posted March 07 2020 - 08:45
Just bumping this to let people know that I've updated the my main post to also include firewood upkeep. As always please feel free let me know if something is off, or include anything that may be relevant to the subject, and I hope this information helps you all out in some way!
Posted July 10 2021 - 05:01
NPC…I really appreciate the effort you put in to this. It is very helpful and I hope that more people see this. I knew this was truly a numbers game and to be able to master it is quite an accomplishment. Godspeed comrade, see ya on the battlefield;)