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Unit Upkeep

Posted November 10 2017 - 20:09
Thought I'd make a post about this since food upkeep isn't it isn't in the guide at the moment, nor did I see a forum post about it yet.

Below is what I've found for each unit so far, and as far as I know special units (i.e. Marines) consume the same amount of food per tick as their normal counterparts (i.e. Soldiers).

Unit - Food Upkeep

When stationed in town, units will consume the following:

*Militia - 2

Police - 8

Agent - 8

Biker - 8

Soldier - 8

Mortar - 16

When stationed at properties, Units will consume 2 additional food, for a total of 10. Mortars will consume 4 additional food, for a total of 20.

And when in an attack convoy units will consume 4 additional food, for a total of 12, with mortars consuming an additional 8 food for a total of 24.


*Militia will always consume 2 food per unit.

Civilians in your town seem to take about ~1.3 food per person as well, so militia and police may appear to have lower upkeep than they actually do when training them due to the loss of population at the time of training.

I will try to update this if I find that anything changes in future rounds such as new units, upkeep is changed or if I'm presented with new information on the subject, but it may take some time. Please feel free to add anything that you feel may be relevant, or correct me if something is off.

Also, since Cash upkeep is already located in the guide, here's a link to that page if you need it: