Posted November 16 2017 - 02:18
Clan death is on the top of the clan leaderboard however that doesn't mean we will abuse power we are friendly to all even me (as i run the secondary clan lone_wolves) anyone is invited to join just ask me (in game towname:new_comer) or the leader of death himself no_good
Although we prefer peace we do have a few skirmishes.
Our first and only war was with the town of not_a_town which ended in a treaty this war was caused because he was stealing supplies from us(that doesn't mean he is the one stealing from you the option is available to more than one person)
That is all for now I'll keep you guys updated along with no_good himself will post stuff
Have a great day
Sincerely, new_comer
Posted November 16 2017 - 02:47
The Kool Kids Klub maybe climbing up the ranks quickly, but we have no intention for a war between the top clans outside of wolfgang if they get in our way. Also, the war is glitched for Not_A_Town where neither can send a peace treaty.
Posted November 19 2017 - 20:39
This sounds pretty good as leader of Return_of_hells_angels in k2 I would like to join you as a clan of you
Posted November 19 2017 - 20:44
I'd be honored
Posted December 07 2017 - 22:49
Attention all in k2 the clan death and D_lone_wolves in k2 are NOT the ones from before we dispersed death clan leader is in k3 and lone_wolves leader which was I is in k2 as Napoleon
Posted November 05 2020 - 18:48
Hello, I am new to this game, can i plz join your clan
Posted November 05 2020 - 19:42
Posted November 05 2020 - 19:44
Posted November 12 2020 - 20:07
would anyone be willing to let me join their clan plz?