Posted December 13 2017 - 14:21
yeah, it would be nice
Posted December 13 2017 - 14:28
we can, but we didnt, so you can assume we prefer wait for official one
Posted December 13 2017 - 20:06
Thank you for your suggestion, i have never heard of this service before but it sounds good.

I see there is even a widget for the website.

Let me get some more information and i will start a official outbreak channal :)

Posted December 13 2017 - 20:23
Yes, worth trying. It is great service used by multiple gamers (and not only) communities around the world. It offer browser, desktop and phone app. All text and voice features, ranks, priviliges, sections, avatars... basically like mix of teamspeak, forums and skype. What is most important is free, easy to sign up, no need any hosting knowledge or something.
Posted December 13 2017 - 20:39
Yes, i have already setup an account and creating the first Outbreak channal :D

join us!

Posted December 14 2017 - 00:58
Hey could you make different groups for k1 2 and 3 ?
Posted December 15 2017 - 12:07
done :)
Posted December 16 2017 - 00:55
Thank you sir