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The agents from the town of (redacted) were scavanging goods in a residential area.the leader,seeing his team exhausted decided for a 10 minutes break. The courageous leader,determined to find something to bring back home for his tyranic leader continued his search. Upon entering a room, he stumbled upon a horrific sight and disgusting smell of a decayed man holding a pen and a book. The leader approached the corps filled with maggots and bugs,grab the book and started reading as he approaches his team. He thought that maybe the man knew something,a place,an idea,a safehaven...

He realised that the author wrote it in french. Fortunately,one of the agents was a french ambassador.the agent started translating the text:

They say that writing is useless,especially during these times but i find it comforting.for every task given to me,i will note them down;the instruction given,how it is done and the final result. These helps me avoiding an error.no more error will be caused by me.i will take every precautions needed to avoid the same mistake.especially after Lily.

The first few pages after are either torn or scribbled leaving only a few words: angry,possible?,section B7,report:military camp,diversion
A map is glued at the next visible page marked with arrows,question mark,esclamation mark and cross.
The agent flipped pages of the book and stopped at what seems to be a mission log.

Report: t507-3m/j3n0-3wg6

He underastimate the government,i told him not to mess with them.now we are in a hellhole,just waiting for our death.i heard Jimmy got his stomach cut only to be fed back with his intestines.the government are employing barbaric towns to hunt us.they labelled us as bandits and outlaws.we have family too;a psycho town launched a missile near out camp and a baby got hit.his skin suffered 2nd degree burn according to our doctor whom they detained inside a small rusty cage like an animal.everyday,they would piss on him and made him begged for food and water.

Report: the second chance

Being part of the scavanging team,we have to collect at least 10kilos of food and water.we are slaves trying to please the false god to avoid punishment.today we found nothing so poor Timmy got his tongue pulled by a plyer and hung around his neck with barbed wires.they gave the others a second chance except that next time it won't be our tongue.maybe a finger,a rib,or the male reproductive system.

Report: the run

Teamleader Trevor killed both "lookouts" on todays scavenging hunt.he said that this is our ticket to freedom so we followed him.night is falling so we stayed in a house and lucky us we found tinned can foods.we ate like wolves because our food ration was denied.soon,we became tired and i am the last that fall asleep

We heard a vehicle,as i look over the window,5 men with rifles and shotguns stormed the house.they shoot my friends on the leg then lined them up one by one on their knees.they then put small bamboos with sharp ends in between of all scavengers nails except mine.they then use broken glasses to poke their eyes and a bayonet to make carvings on their face.i was on my knees,watching in horror.my friends didn't last long,they dropped to the ground after a minute.they then brought me inside a room to write this story in my book before they execute me by skinning me alive.

After translating the text to his leader,the agent noticed something on his leader's eyes,blood was dropping and he seemed like a puppet,he didn't move,just staring.the agent then started feeling rashes on his body but was unable to move.he looked down,all that he saw was maggots and bugs

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it is a story that i wrote at midnight within 1 hour so....