Convoy attacks

Posted January 11 2018 - 00:56
The limitation on convoy attcks should be lifted. A k2 player is sending 100K of resources from his 'housemates' town every couple of ticks. His 'housemate is lingering at arpund 25K point and shows no intention of progessing. All I can do is watch this guy build his army from his low ranking feeder town!
Posted January 12 2018 - 15:13
I agree, the 2/3 point rule should still be there imo for attacking towns. But its silly you cant atack or raid lower rank people transporting goods.

Being able to raid them would help get rid of town only! Feeding.
Posted January 12 2018 - 19:39
Posted January 12 2018 - 19:59
u trader
Posted January 13 2018 - 23:04
Trade would imply a two way interaction. The unidirectional flow of goods just reeks of cheating.