Alpha & Omega

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"Turn of the century" Ashley shouted above the rabble
The turnout was immense, all of the 150,000 residents of Topeka had crowded in the West Ridge Mall waiting for the final countdown.
the speaker boomed "3,2,1"
The crowd exploded with cheers "2100"
Among the shouts of the crowd, screams began to emerge. At first everyone just assumed the extra screams were of a positive nature but then it changed.

Shouts were of pain engulfed the crowd, everyone was screaming and writhing in agony.
"SHUT UP" The man wore a gas mask and a full hazmat suit, "EVERYONE SHUT UP AND LISTEN". The screams lessened slightly but remained ever-present. The man grew impatient and let loose a round from a 12.7mm rifle, their head shot back faster than light, it hit the ground and exploded like an egg hitting a car. The screams turned to quiet whimpering and the man spoke:
"This is a the tipping point. We will either Survive or Die" he spoke softly, solemnly "There is a seat for any of you, the toughest will be coming with me, Today." he continued, his speech beginning to take on a hint of urgency "There are fifteen thousand antidotes and ten thousand gas masks, the antidote will save you but you won't be immune. Both items will be your salvation" He half-expected running but he had left it too late "They are stored in the Civic Theatre. You have 1 hour." He looked at them, they were dragging themselves upright and shuffling away. He waited five minutes and left. Pulling up the plastic cap and pressing the button as he did so, the whimpering was replaced by a new sound: an urgent hissing. Like a pierced barrel of gas. Then a click, a small spark but the next sound was deafening. The roof of the mall rose an inch and fell, those that weren't incinerated were crushed.

~12 Years later~

"Good morning John" said Ashley, she knew not that he was her torturer, she was just glad to see the light of day once again. Ashley liked her new life. She provisioned food for the residents of Shintleton, she doled out slop and bread with a grin, she couldn't help being so happy. The threat of death stuck in the forefront of her mind constantly. Just yesterday they had a raider group trying to get in, how thankful they were that America had allowed gun ownership in the old days.
The town had around 50,000 residents. All happy, all smiling. Not all had been subject to John's 'selection program' as he liked to refer to it while those who had were never told about the masked man that recruited them, many other speculated that John's leadership was likely because of this event.

The town thrived from their large supply of Stone, everyone wanted it and no-one seemed to be mining for it. So every week the Quarries would take truck loads to the store houses and monthly a Semi would take all of the stock to the Fairground to be sold. The town was immensely rich due to this cycle and were never bothered.
Ashley wondered about how it had changed recently. Cars were leaving more often and returning with Agents attempting to hide their grins behind their masks. As a cook, Ashley was not clued into the town's new source of wealth because 'Senior Management' aka John McFullah and General Ironside kept quite a lot close to their chests. After all, the smaller ring of those in-the-know the less the enemy could hold to ransom and to be perfectly honest, most of the residents would be appalled at the fact that Agents were being sent to steal and then bomb towns. After the selected town's resources were run dry the town was bombed and then troops took the area over resulting in a very short, surgical battle that took little time and effectively destroyed opposition.

While all of this happened, other groups had formed. After all, the shipment that was given to John was given to many others as well. Though, the others found much better ways of encouraging followers with a ton of C4, a box of a new bio-plague built in Alaska and a handful of antidotes. The others built their towns but little did they know that they were not simply selected to be leaders of the next world but instead selected to be both the Alpha and the Omega. They were dubbed 'The Mayors' each given an area of land to work with, told to kill, wound and hurt. Destroy the old world or be destroyed.

There used to be a resistance group named 'Qui Permanet' who were made of Mayors that refused the proposal, the most prominent figure being Julia Springs, she had been picked for her excellent ability to tell the tide of a war before its inception and she decided this one would be won by the Permanet, the remains of the old world. The Government shut them down, with 50,000 Soldiers the Permanet had no choice but to fight and die as martyrs or surrender and die as prisoners. Only one evaded capture, he evaded the Government for 8 whole years hiding between towns built by The Mayors.
He was named Solus Superstes. His life is another story entirely.
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I dont quite understand,someone explain? ;-;
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Are you a time traveler and this is what you saw in 2100 ? if not, this is great short story.