Rounds open for signup!

Posted April 01 2018 - 15:41
Hi everyone,

The new round is open for signup, please take a good note of the list of changes. The guide will be updated in the coming days with more details on each feature:

- Expert level area has been removed
- Experienced area has been adjusted to the settings of the normally expert area.
- We hope the name change will scare less people of joining the limitless area level.
- Beginner area will now not reset after 1344 turn as normal but will be endless.
- Players reaching level 40 in the beginners area can now choice to cash in their point and join a higher level area.

- Bonusses for the hero's has been changed to increase the impact of your choice a bit, please review them carefully before choosing one.
- Public order bonus added to hero features.

- On the inventory building page we have added the total number of buildings and building limit before the overbuild modifier kicks in.
- New features added on you inventory resources page:
- Tax level, you can now determine your own tax level. This affects your public order.
- Food rations, you can now determine your own food rations level. This affect your public order.
- You can now supply your houses with electricity. This affect your public order.
- You can now use a fuel generator to increase your power level.
- Your power level can still now be above 1000.

Public order:
- We have introduced a new feature called 'Public order' for your town.
- New inventory screen for public order overview.
- When public order reaches zero you population will start rioting.
- When your army is large enough they will intervine, resulting in casaulties.
- When your army is to small, population will start destoying buildings.
- When riots are settled down your public order will be increased to 25.

- Clan bank introduced
- Clan back cash can be used for activating clan features.
- Each town can deposit cash once to the clan back every 24 turns.
- The clan leader can now choice a clan focus, from which every clan member will benefit. Once a clan focus is activated it will last 30 turns.
- Construcion focus (cost 25000 cash) will give all clan members a 10% cash discount on construction
- Army focus (cost 25000 cash) will give all clan members a 10% cash discount on hiring units
- Research focus (cost 40000 cash) will give all clan members a 10% cash discount on research
- Counter intelligence focus (cost 40000 cash) will give all clan members a 10% extra operations defense bonus
- Defensive focus (cost 40000 cash) will give all clan members a 10% extra defense bonus
- Clan aid program (cost 10000 cash) will reduce travel time to target clan member by 50% for 6 turns.
- Can be bought by all clan members.
- Cash will be deducted from the clan bank.
- Joint attack plan (cost 10000 cash) will give all clan members a 10% attack bonus on target town.
- Can be bought by all clan members.
- Cash will be deducted from the clan bank.

- Biomass plants now consume 200 wood each week.
- Biomass plants now need 6 workers.

- Population from villages now consume the same amount of food as your normal population
- Population from villages now generate the same tax income as your normal population

Government locations:
- New government building introduced, Powerplant. Generates 2500 power for clan or everyone in the area (choice made by the owner).
- Ballistic missile damage increased but now only target buildings and population.
- Government locations now give new bonusses:
- Capital remains the same.
- Fairground owner can now produce Poison and Carbombs (cost cash) and receives a 20% discount on black market goods. You and your clan members will see all attack convoys.
- Military base owner can now produce C4 (cost cash) and owner receives 40 operation energy each tick. Owner and clan members receive 4 extra force readiness.
- Missile silo owner can now produce a large missile each 24 hours and normal missiles each hours (cost cash)
- At the start of the rounds there will be a large missile ready at the Missile Silo.
- Refinery owner can produce fuel but will cost Cash now.
- All government locations needs to be turned on when captured before producing anything.
- Location can be turned off by the owner if wanted.

- Owning a Government location now gives you 2500 points for each location.
- Owning a Acre location now gives you 500 points for each location.

- Destroy buildings operation damage done has been increased.
- Operation critical hit chance decreased from 1 on 10 to 1 on 20.
- New operation: Boost public order, try to increase your public order. Available from level 5.

- Raider threat indicator added, the raider threat is linked to the amount of raider camps on the map. Higher threat means:
- Public order of all towns in the regions is affected
- Increased activity in convoy raiding for the whole region
- Increased activity for attacks on acres for the whole region

Random events:
- You will now receive a random event every 14 hour instead of 24.
- New random events
- New regional events and new outcomes

Bug fixes:
- Some type of buildings were little to not targeted in overall destruction results. These buildings will now be equally targeted as other buildings.
- Force readiness will now properly decrease when having no food and/or no cash.
- Lots of minor bug fixing

Performance improvements, we have rewritten some code to improve performance of our website.

Outbreak crew
Posted April 02 2018 - 04:21
You guys have out done yourselves
Posted April 02 2018 - 09:43
Wow,although i think that random event should be 24 hours but we will see how it goes :v
Posted April 07 2018 - 21:08
just signed up to have a peek.. Thbink i join in again next round
Posted May 21 2019 - 15:01