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Petty the Militants

Posted April 10 2018 - 16:19
A: Pity the militants, for their lives are the most worthless of all the units in this place. They should pry for a quick death while being unable have the money to keep themselves warm at night. They have nothing to stand against the other units. Having the lowest kill rate, the lowest defense and attack. The only highest statistic they have is their death rate. They are the most expendable units because of their training and for their most expendable equipment. Well, if you look at me, the special units. We have the privileges to have a great defense and attack. Also given the protection from mortars, with a higher kill rate and lowest death rate. I am the one who have all the attention of our Gods. I shall think a moment for their worthless lives. Then I will only laugh.

B: You might think their lives are worth nothing. But in that suit of used cloth and makeshift weapon comes with a beating heart, a human heart. And with that heart comes with the desire that every man and children have across the areas. To protect what is rightfully theirs. Between that unfitted body fitted with an outfit and weapons that is only powerful in numbers, beats the human heart. From the beginning of this game, that heart have beaten strongly against your so call special units. From the beginning of this game, the hearts of men have stood united against a pool of units that despises them for no reason save that they had the audacity not to lay down and die. From the start of every round, your special soldiers have been pushed back, beaten down and made a mockery of, by weak sacks of flesh with cheap weapons and disposable equipment.

For that weak sack of flesh that you so gleefully mock is no super soldier, no end game mortar, no creature specialized like you. He is a man, a militia drawn from some forgotten corner of the Town to fight for his species and for the safety of the people he loves. He is a factory worker, a farmer, a storekeeper, a father, a brother, a son, a mere man. And against creatures like you, teeming and numberless, powered by the very will of thirsting gods...........

.... He holds the line. He has held the line for more than 6 Years of this game. SO what is your excuse "special unit".

(Inspire the Pity the Guardsmen: )
Posted April 10 2018 - 16:49
Cool short story bro.
Posted April 11 2018 - 00:02
This is good :D
Long live militia :D