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New Game Mode

Posted May 16 2018 - 06:28
Alright so, this is an idea not to huge but it's an idea. Instead of the smaller scale, round orientated rounds and maps, why not a very larger map that has no round limit?

Okay, so the first complaint would be that some people would become way to powerful, or a clan would.

Well, that would be one of the points, allowing people to work together to try and expand their influence across the map, creating essentially an Empire. Which would create interesting politics, wars, and diplomacy.

Now, of course, to let people be able to at least get up there somewhat and build themselves up, the map would have to be VERY big, allowing so much space, acres, and so on, that people will still be able to expand and build up to somewhat of a level. And, people still won't be able to become way to overpowered, as they would still produce units at their town and it would be hard to keep massive areas under total control because of transport times.

Now, as for special zones, like the military base, missile silo, capital, etc. to make it interesting, there would be much more of these spread out, I'm thinking something like 12 missile silos, 10 military bases, 5 fairgrounds, and, instead of capital cities their are just major cities that give the same current benifits, and I'd say there should be at least 35 of them.

As for the map size, surely above 200 map areas or squares.

And of course, there would be no round setup.

I think this gamemode would be pretty interesting and spawn massive Empires and smaller ones who interact with one another very interestingly
Posted May 16 2018 - 08:20
Yeah, playing game not limited by 2 months rounds would be great, but it cant be done just by making huge map and let ppl do what they want with hope that wars and diplomacy will balance everything. It will not work.
There are needed some game mechanics to refresh things and make competition more equally and accessible for everyone in long term. Something more soft and less definitive than this normal round reset, but still.
I would use game events as way to smuggle some kind of resets. So for example, some really serious (not like these current) bandits waves retaking most of acres in game, government interventions retaking facilities, some acres getting depleted and gone from map so some new appear, etc. To that some natural disasters (or whatever) striking towns, the oldests/biggest/most fortified/higher ranked town the more harsh strike of cataclysm including levels drop. And the list goes on.
Of course thats rough idea, would be needed a lot of work to make it balanced to not fuck up mood of these who play long or have huge towns and in same time to give chance to compete to these who just joined game.
Posted May 16 2018 - 14:29
Mohawk, I think your opinion is a bit more realistic to say the least.

From California.