Agent Larson

Posted June 19 2018 - 14:44
Military hours; 2300

In the outskirts of a Town swings and sways spotlights by sentries, guards patrolling back and forth, and an enemy Agent call sign 'Larson' proned in the bushes.

Everyone and everything in his sights is a threat to him and to his mission. His mission to eliminate everyone in the meeting of several high profiled leaders that the Government has kept records of. What has been disclosed to the public that they are all Bandits collaborating to gather strengths to overthrow the Kansas Government itself.

But what Larson has been briefed is they are all involved Human experiments.

"Here is the layout of the entire place showing every nook and cranny your sister would've shown ya" His commanding officer jokingly slides it off "The place's a full tight lockdown as frequent visits of our fellow Agents and sacrifices here's the result: a damn map" His tone slowly became serious "Here are your targets: this Bunker on north, another on north-east, and this also on south-west. All of which 'directions' centers on their HQ, or Townhall."

"Your mission is quite simply yet hard to execute, you are to search and destroy the following leaders: Katt, Wallace, Koke, LeAnn, warharef." Presenting with photos with close up views on their faces. Some shows them in a chatter of what seems to a Tavern. "Of course, you'll be playing Bunker Roulette as you search through them."

"So be advised of possible foul traps and exercise extreme caution"

Soon by morning, he departed taking only his rifle, handgun, ammo amounting to 490, multi-purpose combat knife, long sleeved coat with camo, gas mask, canteen, food reaching 5 days, and his dog-tag.

Stopping for lakes, hunting deers, avoiding bandits, climbing mountains, and even sleeping in caves if ever the weather's too extreme. Taking 4 days of travel he've reached the location. He firstly scouted the area outside of patrol to stash his supplies, only to bring necessary to combat. Timing it to near midnight, he is now where he is.

In a bush.

Waiting for an opening; a switch in patrol, a slacking sentry guard, distracting element such as booze. Anything.

Five minutes later

Surveying sentry to sentries, patrol to patrols, he only noticed one mistake: one of sentry post's guards stopped flashing their spotlights and with closer inspection (through Larson's rifle scope), it seem that they are sleeping.

Letting a minute pass by checking whether anyone else has noticed; nobody except for Larson. Making a dash to get to the metal fence and climbs over it quickly then make his way to the sentry post to where the guards are sleeping. Approaching the post, Larson slow down to a cat's walk, opening the door while bringing his knife out as he shut it quietly behind him-

He grabs the first by his mouth and slicing his throat

The second, through his back Larson stabs

And the third? Dead by vodka

(To be continued, part 1 of 3)
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