The Art of the Hashashin

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Chapter I - Stealing
I.1 - Take away from enemies and give to allies.
I.2 - Grant one's own knowledge of checkposts for security.
I.3 - Know your limit. As many others are filled to take.

Chapter II - War
Section A - War with Aggression
II.A.1 - Know your enemy, consult Rankings to see whether 'Top 10' acknowledge your enemy's power.
II.A.2 - Seek out war with allies. As they will war besides you in future battles.
II.A.3 - Cripple your enemies with firepower! Let no mistake giving them a chance for recovery!
II.A.4 - Persist assaults 'till none can defend! They can never hold forever!
II.A.5 - Calculate your own power, split them with equity and seize locations (or Acres/Gov. location) away!
II.A.6 - Eye them a greetings. As spies of yours leaks your enemy.
II.A.7 - Deploy your troops and vehicles at one place. Do not call back vehicles whence garages are overfilled.
II.A.8 - The more you win, you lose. The more you lose, you win.

Section B - Campaign Against Raiders
II.B.1 - Vikers (or Bikers) of the Norse are fitting for encounter on Raiders' Camp
II.B.2 - A victory is a victory. Minor or major, what they can offer is what they can only offer. No need to overpower.

Section C - War in Defense
II.C.1 - Conscript your citizens! They who joins and fights are replaceable! Pawns at attack, Queens at Defense!
II.C.2 - Spot them from afar, burn your property and setting a few traps from Santa.
II.C.3 - Places of ownership is at your control. Make them impenetrable. Or deadly as you wish.
II.C.4 - Vikers of the Norse are unstoppable spearhead in capturing, never for defense.
II.C.5 - Read the reports. Being overpowered in great numbers means greater chance of causalities of your troops!
II.C.6 - Take their vehicles. One operation alone diminishes their numbers greatly.

Section D - Preparation
II.D.1 - Traitors are to be executed on the spot. Never let them regroup with enemies.
II.D.2 - Spies of blatant intent for destruction are interrogated. Their masters can be firstly approached with negotiation, or, with reasonable pure anger.
II.D.3 - Former locations of Kansas Governments that is at hand of the enemies are to be captured and withhold defense at all cost. With the exception/excused locations of Power Station, Oil Refinery, and Military Base.
II.D.4 - With food, wood, and monetary costs of an Army: never neglect your economy.
II.D.5 - Know your enemies is your enemy, not everyone who is with the enemy as their Ally and Clanmate.
II.D.6 - As winter proves difficult success of raid and transfers with mobiles troops. It can also serve as a smokescreen.
II.D.7 - Creeping your way to your target by traveling from Acre to Acres can serve flexible use as strongholds and attack points.
II.D.8 - Ignorance of many with knowledge of few. Spread awareness to the populace against spies.
II.D.9 - As Ignorance can be fatal, remind yourself firepower can be proved not be the sharpest blade. But a sharp mind can compensate.
II.D.10 - Propaganda of false information can prove itself a useful tool.
II.D.11 - A powerful enemy can prove to be an annoyance. Why not contact reinforcement? Now you'll be part of his annoyance.
II.D.12 - For war to be so demanding, keep your spies ready.

Section E - Waging the War
II.E.1 - Full use of every advantage must not be wasted!
II.E.2 - Keep your spies reserves with Operation Energy. As one so impatient can topple themselves over.
II.E.3 - Winter reduces production. This includes you and your enemy, this can used as a base-plan!

II.E.3.1 - If ever your enemy launches a large scale attack; burn his crops! Make him suffer starvation, enough to forcefully abort the attack!

II.E.4 - Government Location of Missile Silos, Capital, Power Station, and Fairground can prove their worth of capture.

II.E.4.1 - Silos has Ballistic Missile. An over-sized missile that can cause sufficient damage and can be considered 'Guerrilla Tactic'.
II.E.4.2 - The Capital offers 10% bonus in defense and satellite report. Making espionage and defense easier.
II.E.4.3 - Power Station circulates electricity throughout the Region. Should it be deactivated, possibility of power drain happens.

II.E.5 - Waging war doesn't necessarily means winning a war. But who caused the most damage.

II.E.5.1 - Attack convoys of full force leaves behind Policemen and State Militia to fend for themselves if ever an attack comes. Kill all of the Policemen and drain their power and you'll see Anarchy.

Section F - Aftermath
II.F.1 - Should you ever conquer and burnt down your enemies. Send them a chance for reconciliation.
II.F.2 - Should they reject, leave them be. With a watchful eye.
II.F.3 - Should they accept, send a NAP. Help them rebuild themselves up for their own good, not for another war.
II.F.4 - Should they occasionally send spies, with harm; tie and break their hands, follow II.E.1-3 once again. Should it repeat, obliterate them. Without harm; a careful town should be noted as a potential threat.
II.F.5 - War can never be so careful neither be careless. Observe vigilance with garrison over locations and movement of armed forces.

Chapter III - Allies
Section A - Clan
III.A.1 - An enemy of one is an enemy of all. Especially once pinpointed as annoyance.
III.A.2 - Funds are of teamwork's Testament. Usage is of Leader's will.
III.A.3 - Will of many, act of one. True essence of a 'Team-clan'.
III.A.1 - Eyes of fear watches you. Every new round they look for you. So does your Allies. Be clear in 'signal' of you are who you were.

Section B - Good and Wares Trade
III.B - For someone low in points; pass resources from 15,000 to 9,900. Then to 6534, now to 4312. Do it cooperatively while agreement in prize.

Chapter IV - Deception
Section A - False Goodwill
IV.A.1 - Steal. Once in need, return.
IV.A.2 - Steal. Blame possibility against common enemy, plot obliteration.
IV.A.3 - Give a couple of freebies. In return; a secured Treaty of Alliance.

Section B - Red Spy in the Blues
IV.B - Know your Allies' enemy. Befriend the enemy with a mask, and knife.

Section C - Protocol Against Traitors
IV.C.1 - For Allies can be a facade, instances of screw-ups from interrogated spies is an ends for immediately cutting off all existing relation for security.
IV.C.2 - Know the traitor's Relations. They can be with anyone or alone, but it is always effective knowing suspicions of many levels.
IV.C.3 - For traitors can act alone, you may notify the traitor's ally that is also your ally, asking word for Neutrality. Should they say yes, believe through actions. Should they say no, either hang them. Or with the condition of tension without aggression, wait. Wait for them. If they attack, do whatever you see fit.
IV.C.4 - War with traitors are usually inevitable. As they already planned betrayal beforehand.
IV.C.5 - Orchestrated plans of betrayals by traitors is usually with your enemy/enemies. Be sure to turn them extra crispy while frying!

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