Some questions

Posted July 19 2018 - 14:43
1st question: If I have 600 Quad Bikes, and 200 Mortar Teams (ordinary). Do they still have travel penalty of one week? Is travel time still halved?

2nd question: Defcon increases awareness of Townspeople. I have sent a trade convoy and have Defcon raised to 1 (or maxed out). Does my convoy has the same effect as the Townspeople? Does this also apply to Biker Attack Convoy and Attack Convoy?

3rd question: I have an Agent Level of 16, my target has 7. No garage, checkpoint, relation treaty, nor increased awareness and has 100 vehicles. My Agents has literally no Stealth Training and bonus from Hero. I conducted 10 Hijacks and only 4 succeeded (which I'm a little disappointed). Why is that?

4th question: Similar to above, I have level 19 whilst the enemy has 8. In the Acre, he infiltrates many times and usually only 2 out of 8 tries gets an agent killed. I have built 40 towers and have 10% Hero bonus against operations. Again, why is that?

5th question: In all Acre Location you can put in place tactics such as Fortify. I know there's the default 100% Overwatch (due to 'constant threat') and bonus defense, but why on earth can't I place a bomb in Government Location? 'Fortify' is obviously out since having the Capital means 10% + 20% + 40% bonus defense (Capital bonus + Gov. Location + 'Fortified'), a total of 70%. So as such, why? Since booby traps are only activated if someone else captures the Location.
Posted July 19 2018 - 16:34
4th: Maybe because you haven't researched Honeypot?

The rest, I don't know to say the least.
Posted July 19 2018 - 16:51
3rd one can just be down to bad luck or horrid rng balance.
Might also be some secret measure no-one knows about.
Posted September 21 2018 - 11:56
Thank you for your questions, i will look into them also with the next update in mind.