Posted July 21 2018 - 16:52
Attack Plan and Report M[DATA REDACTED]

Paid by person with anonymity, preparation of raid is done at Week 2632. Giving green-light on a few days more with plan of deriving target of food supplies; to starve out thousands of civilians, spark desertion of military personnel, plunder loot, and struck a deal. It must be done.

At week [DATA EXPUNGED], [DATA REDACTED] launched attack with the size of an army in a hundred thousand, in accompanied with large amount of Agents, Soldiers, And Mortar Teams alike. It took 5 weeks of travel due to sheer amount of weigh mortar shells possess.

At week [DATA EXPUNGED], Agents stationed at [DATA REDACTED] reported heavy military activity and set off to travel, leaving a few Militia, Policemen, and Mortar Teams. Without knowledge of any incoming attack [DATA REDACTED] has in store.

At week [DATA EXPUNGED], winter is approaching. Not less a week later snow will come storming in, decreasing production in industry. With no sign of warning, [DATA REDACTED] initiated preemptive attack with Mortars; scrambling the laid back defenses of [DATA REDACTED] without any trenches his defending army to hide from the rain of shells. In the process; they had to use buildings for cover, thus destroying the following:

Raw Goods:
73 Farms, 40 Woodcutters, 24 Stone Quarries

6 Windmills, 1 Biomass plant, 3 Refineries

21 Houses, 4 Apartments, 2 flats, 3 Taverns, 8 Casinos

1 Sentry, 1 Checkpost, 4 Barracks

And in the process, the brave and innocent:
26 Militia, 22 Policemen, 2 vehicles, 616 Civillians

With less than twenty (20) mortar teams stationed at [DATA REDACTED], they only able to kill few as they had to take cover themselves. And hiding in building with low ceiling doesn't help in counter attack.

Field medics lists off dead men from various cause of death due to Mortars shells:
12 Militia, 6 Policemen, 1 Mortar team, 2 vehicles

Charging through the plains of open area, little effect of defensive structures only killed 6 militia, 4 policemen, 3 agents, 2 soldiers and 3 bikers. Whilst they were busy, the townspeople of [DATA REDACTED] arm themselves as State Militia to defend their homeland. numbering 541.

The Aftermath of attack caused heavy casualties amounting to 976. Forces of [DATA REDACTED] started looting after devastating morale and will to fight of the defending forces of [DATA REDACTED].

"Well, perhaps there wasn't really much to expect. Especially since their defense score is less than six thousand (6000). Not only that, nobody expects the Hashashins!"