Wanted: Bounty Hunters

Posted September 30 2018 - 13:25
"Oi ya mate! Haven't seen you around here? You travel perhaps? Ah well, that ain't mah business. But hav' ya heard the rumors? After a long time some jack actually wants to jack a guy up named Greenwood! He's even gonna send money to whoever shoots the guy! From what I've read on those Chileano Newspapers, the guy got $900,000 valued on his head! Ha! I guess that guy finally pissed someone off that actually resorts to something like this! There's even recent spy report on the same newspaper tha' the guy got most of his Army runnin' to locations due to the recent resignation of backwood tha' started power grab on both large and small factions alike!"

*Drinks more vodka*

"Bah! Who the hell needs muney when ya got som' vodka?"

"I do~"

"Shat yer trap!"

*Drinks even more*

"Whoa whoa- leaving already? You haven't drink once! ...... More for me then"

*Drunk a whole case*

"I see... It's you... Here's the report"


"We got it as an anonymous tip. It matches with ours"
Posted October 05 2018 - 14:59
Existe una regla de no atacar a un pueblo que tenga 2\3 de tus puntos, lo que me convierte en inmortal.
Posted October 05 2018 - 15:26
(Yes I'm very well aware of that. I simply wanted to provoke both the Bounty Requester (just so I can find out who s/he is) and to test defenses. Though, I got what I need just from this single post. :inserthappyface:)