New round open for signup!

Posted October 01 2018 - 11:06
Hi everyone,

Both area's kansas 2 and 3 have been reset for the new round and are open for signup. Players in the beginner area can now choice to leave and cash in there earn points to join the kansas 2 or 3 area by clicking on there town level on the townhall page. The new round will start tommorrow, October 2 at 20:00 GMT +1:00.

Changes and fixes:

Starting positions:
- You start with slightly more resources.
- You start with 2 storage buildings
- You start with 1 sentry
- You start with slightly more operation energy
- You start with slightly more population and housing

- Cash cost of vehicles increased
- Cash cost of militia decreased
- Food cost of militia increased

- Checkposts now have a small negative effect on Trading/Alliances income
- Stone cost of bunkers increased

- operations against bandits and government will increase in difficulty as the round progresses.
- operations costs increased and output for normal operations also increased.
- Posion operations revised, expect higher outcomes while the numbers remains random.

- Bug fix: Declaring war and not being able to add bounties on the target town.
- You can now click on the townname to go to the town info page.

Town info page:
- Bug fix: Buttons on the page were not working correctly, can now manage bounties, mail and so on through this page.

- Bug fix: Missing battle reports issue should be fixed now.

- Difference between buying and selling prices increased to stimulate normal trading.

Black market:
- Black market is no longer available when the fairground is owned by the government.
- When a player owns the fairground it can decide to make the black market available.
- You can no longer sell black market products on the fairground.

- Raiders will now only attack acres when there is a actual raider camp on the map.

- Will now have a lower building limit and more random limit numbers.

- Total number of secure storage now displayed on inventory page.
- Now both vaults and storage protects all your resources.
- Building cost of vaults increased

Beginner area:
- Players can now leave the beginner area as soon as they reach level 40 and receive the points earned.

- Warning for people who use adblocker, this warning will only be shown on our mainpage, not ingame.

Posted October 01 2018 - 11:40
Oh my god... The costs of the poisoning is worth it. I just tested it out and got 750 people on one bottle! But don't get your hopes up: more people = more victims. Lesser group = lesser victims. There's also a chance for it to spike up to at least 770. This is just initial results. I have yet to try it from lower levels for proper footing.

Though, why increase all the other operations on both Aggressive and Passive? Is it to limit/balance a high/low level player from being annoying or something? I don't see any difference in the Passive Operations from the previous results as to what it gives now. Well, with the exception of the Government Operations. Still the same as ever.

And seriously, the vehicles are pretty much gold now with the new pricing that you may consider using Quads now for a whole lot of reasons. Or just invest in Mercenary Tech with Army Focus. You're gonna enjoy watching your target anguish from the prices.
Posted October 01 2018 - 11:43
And many thanks for fixing the bugs. Hopefully, this also means I get defeat reports and not only victory reports.

(Along to whoever paid my Bounty)
Posted October 01 2018 - 20:17
Yes you are correct, im trying to balance some things out to create a more even playfield. Also i hope the report bug is fixed, i could not really get my hand on it but i have optimized some code which i hope will do the trick :)

If the reports fails again, please sent me a the details of your attack.
Posted October 03 2018 - 10:36
So far I only got a report on the Acre and I got a defeat, so that's a plus. However, I still get bugged whenever I conduct 'Convoy Information'. I get the amount of vehicles and bikers but no destination. I can only guess where it's headed by watching it's speed and direction. Which isn't anything helpful if you have locations to defends in that same direction.
Posted October 03 2018 - 11:44
Kristana, thank you for your feedback, i will check into the convoy bug.
Posted October 03 2018 - 21:36
Kristana, thank you again for your feedback. While this was not a bug, i have added the section to which the convoy is heading towards the results.

I have just uploaded the new file and it should be working now.
Posted October 05 2018 - 17:24
Oh ok. I just didn't know that since I've been directly scouting the town itself rather than the map scout button (top right, binoculars).