Feature update: Auctions

Posted October 17 2018 - 14:05
Hey everyone,

We have just put online a update of the auction feature. Some new rules will apply when placing a auction:

- The starting bid is related to the market price of the resource and will be 75% of the "sell to" market value. For example: food sell to price is 1,80, you sell 100 food. Your opening bid will be 135 cash.

- The buyout price will be 2 times the starting bid value. Following up on the example, your buyout value will be 270 cash. Which will be lower then the "buy from" market price.

This will mean that buying auctions deals will now be cheaper then buying resources on the market. So keep an eye out on those auctions!

Also the fairground menu item will now give you a notice when new auctions are available. We have also updated the guide.

Outbreak Crew