Please add a permanent round

Posted December 09 2018 - 10:56
Please add a map/game mode with the same rules as Kansas 3, but instead it's permanent and doesn't reset every 2 months. I do like how it resets every so often to keep it fair, but it's not for me. I'd rather have a huge map, creating a sprawling empire along with other huge nations, building up amongst small, medium, and large nations. The wars and politics would be epic!

I'm guessing the map would at least have to be around 12x bigger with 12x more acres, along with a few more gov. places as well.
Posted December 11 2018 - 16:24
si estaria bien formar guerras de kansas uno al 2 y asi o crear un imperio que sea mas grande que los demos y que se tengan que organizar un ataque gigante