Foot Clan

Posted January 23 2019 - 15:32
Round One

Week One,

We have come across a place to lay our heads, maybe, just maybe we might be able to make a living here.

Week Ten,

Our village is getting much, much larger we have almost two-hundred people in this town of ours.

Week Fifty,

Our agents have discovered every area in Kansas for survivors, and to our surprise, there are about thirteen other towns doing their other things and one even created their own "Clan". Well, it's either your a target or your competition.

Week Fifty-five,

Our board of leaders decided to create our own "Clan" the "Foot Clan", and our first priority is to find other towns to join us.

Week one-hundred fifty-two

still no luck on finding new members, and it's been almost two years.

Week Two-hundred thirty-seven

to assert our dominance our army has taken an important piece of equipment, Missile Silo A.

Week Two-hundred sixty-three

to assert our dominance, even more, our army took the fairground, but then we set up a black market to gain as much money as possible.

Week Two-hundred eighty-nine

we did it, even though our army was skeptical, we took the capital, and with only a few casualties

Week Two-hundred ninety-five

our enemy has done it, they waged war by massacring our troops at the capital, Mohawk... will... regret... this...

Week Four-hundred ninety-five

Mohawk... he's taken control, we will be massacred, and replaced, but we will rise a fallen empire

Round 2

Week One

exiled... we left Sanctuary in ruins, but we will rebuild, stronger, and maybe bring back the Foot Clan.

Week thirty-one

We found people, and sadly the Foot Clan was disbanded to join The Hell Riders, but there is one other clan The Screaming Eagles and they pose a huge threat, but at least we are allied with one of them

Week sixty-nine

Nothing important has happened lately, but we have big plans for the future

Week four-hundred ninety

Many things has happened, we are now subject to the all mighty Negan! our army has grown... We. Are. Negan

If you are reading this give me your thoughts on making this and if I should do more. and good day to you sir!
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It sound goods.
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Sorry it sounds good. my bad.
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sound good