New round open for signup and big update!

Posted March 31 2019 - 15:54
Hi everyone,

Both kansas 2 and kansas 3 are open again for signup, we have a big update for them coming round and it is already active for the kansas 1 area.
Im laying the last hands on the new guide, most part are updated. Expect everything to be updated in the coming hours.

Please refresh your browser to load our new stylesheets when you are having layout issues.

Here are all the details:

Introduction of Premium towns
- Create custom heroes and choose your own bonusses, name and background story.
- Improve your custom heroes as you win the game.
- Select a part of the map you want to spawn and get close to your friends on the map.
Map locations:
1. Top left - A1 - A2 - A3 - B1 - B2 - B3 - C1 - C2 - C3 x 1-15 y 1-15
2. Top center - A3 - A4 - A5 - A6 - B3 - B4 - B5 - B6 - C3 - C4 - C5 - C6 x 11-30 y 1-15
3. Top right - A6 - A7 - A8 - B6 - B7 - B8 - C6 - C7 - C8 x 26-40 y 1-15
4. Middle left - D1 - D2 - D3 - E1 - E2 - E3 - F1 - F2 - F3 - G1 - G2 - G3 x 1-15 y 16-35
5. Middle center - D3 - D4 - D5 - D6 - E3 - E4 - E5 - E6 - F3 - F4 - F5 - F6 - G3 - G4 - G5 - G6 x 11-30 y 16-35
6. Middle right - D6 - D7 - D8 - E6 - E7 - E8 - F6 - F7 - F8 - G6 - G7 - G8 x 26-40 y 16-35
7. Bottom left - H1 - H2 - H3 - I1 - I2 - I3 - J1 - J2 - J3 x 1-15 y 36-50
8. Bottom center - H3 - H4 - H5 - H6- I3 - I4 - I5 - I6 - J3 - J4 - J5 - J6 x 11-30 y 36-50
9. Bottom right - H6 - H7 - H8 - I6 - I7 - I8 - J6 - J7 - J8 x 26-40 y 36-50
- Support the development of the game.

Note: premium towns will not give any game advantage over the general players, it only makes more customizations possible.

Default Heroes:
- Respec of bonusses for default heroes to make them equal to custom heroes (100 points total).
- Each hero now has a small default story, story added at hero ingame hero page.

- Added a battle simulator to the attack page, here you can simulate battles.
- Total attack bonus of your army is now displayed on the attack page of that specific situation.
- When your clan gives a attack bonus, this will also be displayed on the attack page when targeting this specific town.
- If you use the calculate cost button, the attack bonus will be recalculated with the specified target.
- Base defense score of your town is now 10 * townlevel instead of the default 250
- When loosing a attack, the total defending score will now be visible instead of a question mark (?)
- Battle report has been renewed.
- Travelling attacking convoy now cost more fuel, especially at larger distances

- Joint attack plan will now last 10 turns instead of 6 and gives you a 20% attack bonus. Cost has increased to 50000 cash.
- Added a notification on the attack page if you receive a attack bonus because of a joint attack plan.
- Aid plan now last 10 turn instead of 6.

- Trenches has become more effective to protect your troops against incoming mortars. Read the description in our guide.
- Defensive structures inflict more casaulties if you loose a attack.
- Biomass plants and Refinery now both require 10 workforce instead of 6.
- Goldmines now require 35 workforce instead of 25.
- Hunting cabin now requires 3 workforce instead of 2
- Farms and woodcutters now requires 6 workforce instead of 5.

Aggressive Operations:
- Effect of your agent level for defense against enemy operations or attack has been decreased to make special operations more balanced and bonusses more important.
- Towers at acres or government locations now offer a better protection against operations.
- When scoring a critical hit with special operations on the attack, this is now cleared stated in the result.
- In the guide page of aggressive operations is now visible with what operation you can score a critical success or not. The chance of scoring a critical hit is 1 in 10.
- You can now use the carbomb special operation to take out Towers at Acre's and government locations.

- Fuel cost for resource transportation has been increased, especially to acre's further away from your town.
- Income from goldmines has been increased from 80 to 250 cash each tick.
- Scorched earth tactic has been removed from Village acres.
- Energy cost for fortifying a acre has been increased to 450
- Wood cost for fortifying a acre has been increased to 10000
- Energy cost for using the scorched earth tactic has been increased to 350
- Energy cost for using the overwatch tactic has been increased to 125

- Raider camps will be spawned from turn 200 and higher.
- As the round progresses the chance a raider camp spawns is increased and their strenght grows.
- When raider camps reach a total of 7 or more on he map, acres will get attacked by bandits. Acres owned by players will be targeted first.
- The numbers of attacks increase as the number of raiders camps grows.

- Homeland security now only increases your policement defense instead of militia and policemen.
- Child Policy now goes in steps of 0.1% instead of 0.2%. Default growth is now 0.1%.

- Multiple user interface changes and fixes.
- Town events header added on townshall page.
- Clan bonus messages added when bonus is applied.
- Militia now also contribute to the policeforce for public order, while their weight is way lower (1/3) as normal policemen (1/25). See the guide.
- "Readback quick guide" from the tutorial added to the guide.
- Mail notifications when your attack is attacked are activated for every user because of a database change. Please disable this feature in your account settings if you dont want to receive mails anymore.
- Fairground buy from market prices increased to enhance trading and auctions.
- Map now changes in color with each season.

Bug fixes:
- Militia could not sometimes not be targeted by the ambush patrols operations when stationed at acre a locations, this is now fixed.
- Ambush patrol has now a much better chance of finding targets when troops are stationed at the enemy location.
- Some experience bugs are fixed, especially when defending against special operations from other players.

It has been a lot of work and i hope everyone will enjoy the new features.

Game on!

Posted April 06 2019 - 02:53
Holly shit Ronald this is just the update i was waiting for
Posted April 07 2019 - 18:05
Hey, I noticed you said the old heroes were rebalanced to be worth 100 points and I'm assuming every percent bonus is worth 1 point and every public order bonus is worth 10 points. If this is the case, as far as I can tell Mayor Anderson only has 90 points right now. He has 10% defense bonus, 10% operation defense bonus, 20% tax bonus, and 5 public order bonus. I've checked the others and it seems like they all add up to 100 so it's only Mayor Anderson that got left behind. I don't know if this is a typo on the bonus screen and his stats are supposed to add up to 100 or if this was intentional. Please let me know, thanks!
Posted April 07 2019 - 19:58
You are indeed correct, the defense bonus was supposed to be 20% instead of 10%.

I have corrected the code and updated hero bonus for all currently active players with the hero 'Mayor Anderson'

In addition i have updated all hero's in the Kansas 1 area to get them equel to the updated stats of the heroes.