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Posted April 13 2019 - 04:45
X- So how did you form the [ ]

Y- A few old friends found each other and hec

X- Really... the world is real small then. continue

Y - The meeting went smoothly as expected but as you know it did not last long

Honestly I dont know all the detales Since thoes who were at the meeting have

Gone missing or who knows where.

X - In your letter you told me you were stations at [ ] during the time at the [] and [] meetings

Y - Yes but as much I can say without trigger than more shit, should be as much as this.

X - anything else?

Y - Well to be fair the relation did look good on paper...

But the land slide massac....

X - and?

Y - This event cause much tension more than we expected more groups were formed

After the break up. Then a few bombs went off in the HQ of the groups

X - Which are?

Y - Don't know. But the timing seems very delayed which it kills off at least [ ]

Can't think of anyone betraying each-other tho...

X - That is it for now I will take the tap. I have more people to ... meet.

Y - Good luck [ ]