Making Govt Sites immune fom attack is dumb. Stop it

Posted August 25 2019 - 02:50
So, I spent nearly 2 days preparing to attack the Military Camp. I had amassed my troops and positioned them in the Refinery that I had previously taken. And when I pressed that button to attack...I get this;"You cannot attack a town with less than 4000 points" WHAT THE ABSOLUTE F%^#?! There has got to be something wrong if I can't take a Military Camp because they're too weak. Military Camp, or Hot-House Orchid Factory?...seriously guys?! Fix this.
Posted August 25 2019 - 08:46
some bug probably. there is "report" button in game.
Posted August 25 2019 - 09:29
Yeah, hopefully it's just a bug. I was just really frustrated when I made that post. But, like I said, I had spent 2 days preparing for that attack...that's frustrating.
Posted August 25 2019 - 19:39
Update: From what I can tell, the game does not allow you to attack a Govt. Site directly from a site other than your Home Base. When my attack was finished, it sent my troops back to Home Base. I am currently launching another attack from there and will update with the results. The reason I had wanted to attack from the Govt. Site was that it was closer to the other Govt. Site. Evidently the game sends your forces back to Home Base before launching the attack, which doubles the costs and time it takes. When I launched from Home Base, the costs and time were both cut in half. That is why I've come to that conclusion. Well, I'm learning as I go. I want to understand the game so I don't completely embarrass myself when I move to KS 2 or 3.
Posted August 25 2019 - 20:46
First, sorry for the inconvience and this seems like a bug. Thank you for your post the additional information, gives me a clearer picture of what is going wrong. I will work on a fix and keep you guys posted.
Posted August 25 2019 - 22:02
You're the best, Ronald. I love this game. I'll keep you posted on my current attack. Should be done in an hour or so.
Posted August 26 2019 - 11:18
Hi MickiDaWop, i have tried to simulate your situation on my test server, but cannot seem to get the same message as you.

What did you fill in as target? The townname of the player or the specific location, for example "Refinery B"?

Please let me know so i can try and simulate the situation and try to fix it.
Posted August 26 2019 - 14:56
Oke, so i did some more testing and have found out what the problem is. It seems like targeting the government location is case sensitive. So if you did not type in the correct name for a government location, like "Refinery A", but you actually used "Refinery a" you did not select the proper target and the code acted like you were targeting a town.

So i have just uploaded the new files with a fix. The naming is no longer case sensitive anymore and you can type in the government location name anyway you want. It will then change into a unique identifier number, this will make sure you target the correct location.

I have also added a notice to both attack pages to clarify this and put a update into our guide.

I hope this all makes any sense, let me know if it doesn't or if you have any question about it. I want it to be as clear as possible so future players dont run into the same errors of mazes of the game.

Thank you again for pointing out this issue, sometimes im to much into the current game logic i dont think out of it anymore. :D
Posted August 26 2019 - 20:21
Well, I meant to send an update yesterday, but my attempt to take the Military Camp failed. I blame my Agents...a bunch of sissies, if you ask me, lol. So I'm going to try again today sometime. What I really need is a nuclear bomb. Can you help me with that? I feel like if I had a nuclear bomb, I could be my own boss, and not have to worry about The Man.
Posted August 27 2019 - 10:58
Haha, while i actually can.... :D but dont expect any nuclair bombs to be around, you can fire large missile from the missile silo each 24 hours.

But im interested in something else, your attack failed. I think a lot of new players are having difficulties with the combat system, especially since you need large more realistic numbers then any other games.

So, im thinking of adding a few example combats to the guide, to give a better insight in how it works.

What do you think, might have helped this to you? Or do you have any other suggestions on how to explain the combat more clearly?

Im would gladly know your thought on this.
Posted August 30 2019 - 20:27
Personally, I would leave it a bit of a mystery, though possibly explaining in more detail how to effectively calculate one's needed tropps using the simulator could help some people. I don't think we should win every battle, and it should be hard.

But while I have you, possibly another bug going on with my current attack on the Missile Silo B. I started my attack from my position at I-2 but when I went to the map, my troops were in grid J-1 as if they had originated there or were going the wrong way. I think the Agents may be doing this because I called them sissies. lol
Posted January 24 2020 - 15:05
In games that are time based like this it's nice to have extensive information on all aspects of gameplay for players to read through while they're waiting for the rest of a week to pass. I would think since there's an attack simulator that attacking isn't meant to be a much of a mystery, at least provided you do some recon first.