Minor update: Attack script

Posted September 18 2019 - 14:07
Hey everyone,

I have just put online a new update for the attack scripting of the game. This involves some changes and bug fixes:

- Attacking raider camps from other location is now working properly.
- Some issues with convoys displaying incorrectly on the map are now fixed.
- Some travel time issues are now calculated correctly.
- When attacking a government location using the unique number identifiers, it will automatically translate to the government location name instead of the other way around (changed the notification on the attack page).
- On the attack page convoy are now listed with a arrow (-> or <-) indicating if it is outgoing or incoming. I will change it to nice icons in the future.
- Direct link to target is now available from the convoy information page.

I hope everything is working well and as intended else please let me know by creating a ticket or here on the forum.