Upcoming round and changes!

Posted November 29 2019 - 15:36
Hi everyone,

Both K2 and K3 have finished and tomorrow the round will be reset so everyone is able to signup with there new towns. We have some important changes coming up and will hereby release the notes. Its important to note that the changes will also affect K1 so read them carefully. When the K2 and K3 are reset tomorrow these changes will directly be active in K1.

I hope we will you like the new changes and i hope to see you all in the next round!

List of changes:
------------------ General ----------------
- We have changed the round length to a cycle of 6 weeks instead of 8. Each round for K2 and K3 will now last 961 weeks instead of 1345.
- Starting resources have been increased to give all towns a better start position.
- Force readiness given by owning the military camp is reduced from 4 to 2.
- When your town is under lockdown protection you are now also protected against enemy special operations. You cannot perform special operations against other targets yourself while being under protection.
- When your town is under lockdown protection you will now be able to lift it immediately if you wish.

------ Clan ------
- Clan member limit for Normal areas have been changed from 8 -> 6
- Clan member limit for Experienced areas have been changed from 8 -> 4
- You can now make a clan deposit once every hour instead of once in 24 hours.
- We have added some extra amount options to the clan deposit feature.

---- Attack ----
- New attack limit for Beginner area, players can attack towns 10.000 points above and beneath their own score.
- New attack limit for Normal area, players can attack towns twice their score upwards and half their score downwards.
- The attack limits now also count for performing aggressive operations.
- On the ranking page the score which are out of your attack range are now colored red.
- In the Beginner and Normal area each town is now only allowed to hold 1 government location. For the beginner area this will take effect immediately, if you are currently holding more then 1 government facility you will keep the one with the highest number and the remaining will be returned to the government.
- In the Normal area the limit of acres that can be hold by one town is increased from 6 to 8.
- Mortar teams protection against mortar fire has been increased, resulting in less casualties.
- Due the new protection rules, the protection penalty has been removed.

------ Score -----
- We have added a new value to your town score called "battled score". When you win a battle (defending or attack) your receive a battle score value.
- When defending 2% (Minor) - 4% (Major) - 6% (Decisive) of the attacker his score.
- When attacking 2% (Minor) - 4% (Major) - 6% (Decisive) of the defender his score.
- The total battle score value will be shown on the attack page, this is a cumulation of all your victory scores.
- The battle score counts for battles against towns, acres, government locations and raider camps.
- The battle score is shown on the top of the attack pages.

- Buildings project now gives 50 more buildings space with each research instead of 25.

Special operations
- Added a new special operation called "Steal special goods" this operation allows you to steal poison, c4, carbomb or missiles. It will randomly pick one of the four goods and steal them on a successful attempt, if there are any.
- Added guide reference on the "aggressive operations" page.
- Added new operation to the guide and all other steal operations.

Bug fixes
- Fixed bug where quads special travel feature could be used before level 36.
- Fixed bug where in some rare occasions convoys would disappear.
- Fixed bug where in some occasions battle report would not be sent.
- Fixed bug where travelling with vehicles only cost no fuel.
- Government locations spawn with not more then the maximum allowed towers (40) and bunkers (10).
- Fixed bug for joint attack plan where sometimes the target name was incorrect because of capitals, this will now be corrected automatically.
- Many more minor bug fixes.

If there are any questions please let me know.

Posted November 30 2019 - 05:20
Great work. Some really good changes. I am looking forward to the next round. Thanks.
Posted November 30 2019 - 11:01
Epic update!
Posted November 30 2019 - 16:18
Battle score will be cumulated with main ranking points?
Posted November 30 2019 - 16:23
Posted November 30 2019 - 19:33
Great stuffs.
I am curious...will there be any possible update on the government action like taking back government facilities because all they do is give sanctions on the government page. Other than that they don't do anything. If you want to keep the game simple I understand but like I said I am just curious.
Posted December 01 2019 - 11:25
The idea of getting the government more involved and retake government facilities is on the list. So this might be a feature added later to the game.