How to have a chance of winning in K2 and K3.

Posted December 11 2019 - 05:59
1) Start a clan in K1 and recruit 6 players that want to fight and stay long term. Kick out players that only want to build or care only about ranking score.

2) Your players need to be self sufficient and not start asking for aid from clan mates all the time. Use your time in K1 to learn about the game and how it works.

3) Learn about the different troop types and attacking Acres and Towns. This is far more important than taking Government Areas.

4) Start a small war. Learn how to win battles. Learn how to fight as a team. Learn how to hit an enemy hard and stop that enemy from rebuilding.

5) Most importantly stick together win or lose. Reform your clan in K2 or K3 at the start of a new round and level up quickly and grow strong.


If you can do those things you have a chance of beating the strongest clans in K2 and K3. Why? Because that is how they (we) play the game.

Lucifer's Castle (K2) and Castle Brass (K3) Leader of Clowns With Guns (K2).

Good luck.
Posted December 11 2019 - 09:10
Well said, bro.
You gave me inspiration to make "how to be a successful raider" guide. :D
Posted December 11 2019 - 10:53
Great post, thank you!

Would be great to have more such kind of advice on our forum and help players out :D
Posted December 12 2019 - 00:33
Super interesting! Should help some newer players find their feet.

Good to see the community pulling together to help everyone!