Flamer and Sapper

Posted December 17 2019 - 09:56
Thank you for creating this post and get the discussion started, i have been thinking about this the last night and im beginning to like the idea of having these new units including the medic.

So i was thinking of how could we introduce these units, so here is some thought and i wonder if you people like it.

Now at this moment we have two categories of units, Civil and Specialized. These are kind of the basic troops everyone uses.

I want to add another category, called Support units. These units will not really participate into the battle like the normal units, but will have a certain task to execute. So here are some of the support units you can have:

- Medic or Medic team (i think i makes more sense to add some teams instead of single units), will support your attack or defense by aiding wounded troops. Will reduce a certain amount of your casualties during battle.

- Sapper or Sapper team, aimed to take out defensive structures of the enemy before the real battle begins.

- Flamer or Flamer team, aimed to take out defensive structures of the enemy before the real battle begins.

In my point of view the Sappers and flamers are kind of like the same thing, might be a extra specialization with some extra benefits.

So what do you guys think of introducing the new units this way?
Posted December 17 2019 - 10:31
Flamer is unit what was few times suggested during years so I would take it as priority unit (along with field medic) to implementation.
btw. in outbreak agents are some kind of sappers (they destroy bunkers and stuff by ops)

Cost similiar to regular soldier + some fuel (or optionally cost somewhere between soldiers and mortars without fuel which could make this unit too expensive)
Upkeep similiar to mortars
Attack 4 Defense 3
High kill ratio, medium death ratio, low mortar protection, low effective vs. bikers due to limited range of flames and speed of bikes, no researchable bonuses
Map travel speed same as mortars (fair exchange for possibility to destroy buildings. Not mention that you cant move fast with can of fuel on back).
Ability to destroy all kind of structures except stonequarries, vaults, flats, bunkers. Destroy ratio similiar mortars

It would be alternative to mortars, but with a bit reduced damage scale and bigger universal military potential. Im not conviced to have flamers as support unit, I would rather see it as field troops.
Agree on adding field medic as some kind of support not taking part in main battle.
Posted December 17 2019 - 21:36
both units smell like call of duty ww2 style not kick ass postapocalyptic game
Posted December 19 2019 - 18:52
Whats more badass then some guy walking around with a flame thrower burning hoards of troops,buildings,crops and civilians to death? I’d say it makes a good fit, the medic would also make perfect sense in a situation where the world turned to hell because of a huge outbreak virus, clearly couldn’t stop it so they help in the new world the only way they know how
Posted December 27 2019 - 00:25
This sounds like it would work great, if it will be like you say
The cost you would save from the troops not lost because of the medics would be great and it would also make it more challenging to try to defend against the sapper and flamethrowers. This is brilliant!!